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February 2014

WOD #1 14.1 Crossfit Open

Thank you for no burpees!

The crossfit Open 14.1 has been announced…
10 mins AMRAP
30 double unders
15 power snatch @ 25kg

My new ritual
Wake up. Put gym gear on. Walk Coco. Feed Coco. Hit the box.

I made myself get up and out of bed this morning …I was contemplating not going to the box for a crossfit session but Manly Matt text from the airport (he’s gone away for a boozey weekend with his mates) to get me out of bed. It was the motivation I needed. After a quick walk with Coco I was on my way into the box. It was an active recovery WOD for time:

1000m row
30 20kg ball slams (could be a new favourite – very therapeutic)
30 burpees (I scaled this to push-ups on knees)
30 16kf kettlebell swing (I scaled to roman swings and my ass is still sore)
1000m row
FINAL TIME: 16.36 mins

I was especially happy as my 1000m rows were 5mins and 5.30mins respectively. Not too shabby for a Friday morning.

Tonight will be pasta night and early to bed. I’m not going to practice double-unders but I might go to the hardware store and buy a broom handle to practice power snatch technique…I just wanna land one.

I’m aiming to get at least 1 round out of both movements in the WOD tomorrow…wish me luck!


Thursday WOD

Tonight was the first time in 3 months I did double unders and anything on the pull-up structure…

I got 21 double-unders
Then total time for wall balls and knee-ups was 9.53 mins.


text me back already

He has nothing to come back from your insanely genius text about blow-up dolls and travel… #truestory

Just in case you haven’t guessed today hasn’t been my most productive day in the office…In fact I don’t think I’ve been able to achieve anything worthwhile…
PS. My divine best friend R sent me this and I had to share…sharks are super great and so are you!

I’m bored…Nope, I’m horny….



I’m moody, grumpy, distracted and tired today. Oh and did I mention how freaking horny I am? I think that is the root of the problem (pun intended – Australians refer to having sex as a ‘root’ in slang – stay with me readers from everywhere else), It’s been almost a week since I’ve had sex and I’m twitchy…I can’t sleep at night and I have no motivation to do anything. I’d almost say it’s that time of the month as anything that resembles chocolate or twisties are on high-rotation of my favourite foods list but it’s not; this has been and gone this month.

On the upside I caught up with Manly Matt last night – lord than man can kiss! We hung out (re: he drank beer, I drank white wine and we talked) before heading to the movies to see the Wolf of Wall Street which was a better choice than Wolf Creek 2 (a slasher/horror flick about a crazy Australian ‘Crocodile Dundee’ carving up the tourists). The wolf of wall street needs no introduction – if you haven’t seen it be warned…This film is basically money, sales, drugs, sex, more sex, sex, sex, a hilarious portrayal of a zombie trying to drive a car, more sex, prison.  No wonder I have sex on the brain…and all I got was a good night kiss (or 2 or 3…Ok, ok a mini makeout session in his car) because he had to work at 5am this morning….

PS. Also my iPhone charger with the extra long lead broke the other day…Which means I can’t even watch videos on my phone in bed anymore #firstworldproblems

Thank f**k I'm not a doormat

Crossfit open 2014

I decided this morning to sign up to the crossfit open 2014. My coach has been banging on about the open ever since it finished last year and on a whim (I always make my best decisions this way) I decided to sign up. Everyone is pretty pumped and I’m terrified…. OMG the WODs are really hard for the open and there’s definitely pressure to do them at Rx. (Prescribed) as any scaling equals a zero score. Basically for the next 5 weeks it will be a sink or swim for me as I try my best to complete each open WOD. I’m looking forward to the challenge …

I’m just here for the deadlifts


A new PB tonight! Last time we did this WOD I got 3 touch-and-go deadlifts at 60kg before my wrist gave out. Tonight I got 70kg!!!

I’m still not running/too much pressure on my foot so my metcon was:

3 rounds
400m row
15 x 12kg kettle bell squats
15 x 12 kg kettle bell swings
15 push-ups on knees
Time: 14.36mins

Happy Monday y’all!

Benefit of the doubt

I’m gonna be whiny here so please bear with me. I’m still in a post-date glow from Friday night and today I decided instead of updating my POF profile with new pics from my aunts 50th (where we all glammed up) I would hide my profile because I’m pretty into Manly Matt. I’m not deleting it but I thought a little hidden time would be good for everyone. Last week I deleted the app because even though I checked it very rarely I never had anyone worthwhile contact me.

Today I noticed that he is online on POF. WTF?? Seriously? Friday night you wanted to ‘f**k me to pieces’ and today you’re out hunting for more dates? Now I know that I’ve been a busy girl of late but I never take more than 1 lover at a time and I chose Manly Matt. I feel that we’ll be having a discussion next time I see him to make sure we’re both in the same head space. I don’t want a proposal but forgive me if I want to be the only woman you’re sleeping with.

Deep sigh… Some days I hate online dating. Silly B, you expected too much xox

Charlottes Law

I didn’t personally know Charlotte Dawson but I respected her stance on cyber bullying. Tragically the media personality took her own life succumbing to depression over the weekend. I am so very, very, very sad about this…Sometimes the battle with mental illness and depression is too great. Charlotte had a very public battle with Twitter Trolls over the years culminating in an attempted suicide in 2012. She was a forceful advocate of cyber anti-bullying and in the wake of her passing there has been a call to toughen up the laws relating to cyber bullying. I urge everyone to sign the petition to make the AU and other governments sit-up and amend legislation regarding this very serious matter.
From young men and women through to celebrities like Charlotte enough is enough with people taking their own life due to bullying in the cyber space.

Bad puppy


I didn’t come home last night & this morning karma got me back for leaving Coco in the care of my flatmate . I had a great date with Manly Matt and ended up staying at his. I’m still wearing the smile he have me.

Coco was very happy to see her mummy when I got home and I let her in to snooze in my room while I caught up on sleep. I woke up to hear her barking ferociously at the front door. On my way to investigate I found the aftermath of the sandal slaughter… My favourite witchery leather wedges were destroyed. She has torn off the ankle strap of one and I can’t find it… I suspect she ate it. I was pretty devastated and growled at her for being bad and put her outside immediately. Since then I’ve calmed down and realised they’re just shoes (admittedly $180 shoes ) and she’s just being a naughty puppy. So i let her back in and took these photos to document it all. I have to say she’s not perturbed at all with being sent out for being bad …. She’s just happy to see me xox.

Afternoon Delight


My good friend Pauly sent me his online dating profile the other day so I could ‘finesse’ it a little bit. Here’s the end result…I confess I didn’t do much to it, just cleaned it up a little because after all we want to ensure that Pauly is displayed as nature intended: strong, a little stubborn, dominant. I did also suggest that I an extra list to his profile

Special Interests/Skills of Pauly

Oral sex (giving and receiving)

Hair pulling (giving only – he has no hair)

Deep tongue thrusting kisses

Intense finger penetration (also known as the finger thingy)


I flew home from Auckland on Monday, picked up Coco and headed straight back to my house to rest and unpack. But then I got an offer to lunch with the lovely Nat. I had cake, she had salad – she’s so much better at food than I.

HowevImageer afterwards I worked off said cake when I dropped by to say hello to Pauly. I spent a good hour or so laid flat on my back whilst this very bad man lavished attention on my body. He refused to let me return the favour – he’s such a dear, dear friend.

 Pauly and I have a NSA (no strings attached) friendship. We catch up once a week or so to have hot and sweaty sex. Afterwards we chat about our online dating exploits, shower (separately) and go off on our own merry ways. I rarely stay over as most encounters take place on my way home from work. We’ve had afternoon delight Monday or Sunday, late night Tuesday, quickie Thursday, and pants off Friday. Wednesday’s are rare as I normally have a date night with Manly Matt and I don’t like to see Pauly the same night. Currently I’m not sleeping with Manly Matt but once this happens Pauly knows I don’t share; I won’t be dropping by until my time with Manly Matt is done and the same goes for him…If he meets his someone special we won’t be catching up again. 


Wise Words

Wise words from a former Prime Minister of Australia. Perhaps a solution to the refugee crisis occurring overseas in off-shore detention centres supposedly run by the Australian Government. One of the clearest solutions this article presents is that off-shore detention centres are unsafe and must be closed down. Bring the refugees to Australia – it’s less costly, less cruel and much more safe. #bringmalcolmback #stopthesecrecy 

What a lovely idea...

I started my day walking Coco on the beach and there were definitely smiles as she ran, jumped, paddled, and tried to catch birds on the dog friendly beach near our place. I skipped the box this morning in favour of a doggie WOD instead of rope climbs (which I suck at anyways) and even though I miss not participating it was worth it to spend time with by furbaby getting our happy on!

Date night with Manly Matt tonight #fingerscrossed. No idea what we’ll be doing – I am happy to have a drink somewhere with an ocean view.

Tomorrow night is my beautiful twin aunts 50th Birthday Party in Brisbane and I guarantee I’ll be finishing my day with champagne and most likely scotch as we celebrate this milestone. I’ll even try and post some pics of the party!

Happy Friday Y’all…..

Push press WOD


Due to the silly Gold Coast traffic I arrived just as class started tonight…thankfully because coach was feeling friendly I wasn’t penalised with 30 burpees. I did have to jump straight onto a rower to warm up.

Tonight was push press – one of my favourite lifts. I need to do a fair amount of work on my technique – due to the rheumatoid arthritis in my wrist I struggle with keeping the bar close to my body. I managed:

5: 25kg
4: 25kg
3: 30kg
2: 32.5kg
1: 32.5kg PR

I did the WOD at 17.5kg, it was tough but a lot better than Kelly! WOD time 7:17 mins. I scaled toes to bar to v-ups whilst my foot still heals.

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