Cancellation for 1

Manly Matt has pulled the pin on our date tonight. Something has come up with his pay (even if it is my shout – fair call he paid for the last 3 dates) and therefore he can’t meet me. I feel pretty gutted right now as I was looking forward to seeing him. But I can’t ignore my instinct (honed by all of my previous relationships she can be a fickle bitch) that he’s just not that into me. This is a damned shame as I like him; he’s cute, big and beefy (just my type), funny, has a good heart, and is a good kisser. Of course my ever hopeful heart whispers that maybe it’s not all bad; he was really keen to see me earlier and has been texting me all day so maybe something really has just come up that he can’t get out of. Either way I’ll be hanging out on my own tonight (well Coco will be there too). I dare say I’ll be eating ice cream and junk food and throwing a bit of a pity party for 1. The worst of it is that I won’t get to see him (provided he wants to see me) until after I return from New Zealand (which is reason to smile enough) which I am headed over to next week for work.