helloI started my blog as a way to document my thoughts as I travel through life as a single 30+ woman. I began on Tumblr and then decided I should embrace the goodness of wordpress and here I am. I can’t promise amazing content as I basically use this blog as online diary of sorts. A way to empty my head of the multitude of thoughts that occupy it.

I do hope you’ll join me as I chart my way through 2014 and beyond. So far this year has started off beautifully…

  • I’ve been dating and have met some very interesting men and lets be honest some good loving. My current beau of the moment is Manly Matt and we’re onto our 4th date tonight.
  • I’m constantly striving to stay focused at work – when I do work I’m incredibly productive and I feel great doing it. But the honest truth is I have the attention span of a magpie that has spotted something shiny.
  • My goals to become better at crossfit seem to be struggling as I am currently only averaging 2-3 times a week at the box which simply isn’t good enough.
  • My beautiful rescue dog Coco continues to brighten my world and at the end of this month we start obedience training (Sweet Lord help us all).
  • I’ve come to the realisation that growing up isn’t really optional as I have to sort out my finances (ironically I spent the last $$ on credit card to pay for my wordpress account) as I really hate not having money and not being financially responsible for myself.

For now though I must return to my day job and actually do some work so I can justify skipping off mid-afternoon so I’m not late for my ‘appointment’ (re: date with Manly Matt).