Another Friday, another working week done. Today started perfectly – I had a women in tourism champagne breakfast at Hilton, Surfers Paradise.

Productivity has improved (it really must get better otherwise I fear I will loose my job) but crossfit has been left on the wayside this week with me only making it to the box once! I promise to be better next week :).

Another Friday, another silly quizz….Today I found out I was SNOW in Once Upon a Time. Thankfully I wasn’t a nasty ogre.


Another Friday and I have found 2 articles to comment on:

1. …I love this! So beautiful and true. Date a girl who travels. She’s amazing. Period.

2. ….Ugh! I understand young Steven’s dilemma, he’s to shy to ask girls out. Or the girls he likes don’t like him back…They’re too busy pashing on with the cute boy from the bar. What I don’t like about this article is the following:

When young women dress in clothing more revealing than underwear, speak like sailors, give themselves to multiple men before marriage, and treat men with manipulative scorn, they must expect the inevitable treatment.

Steven, are you the fashion/fun police? Look I like a well dressed lady more than anyone. My lil sis C and I always say, “Just cause it fits doesn’t mean you should wear it”, when we see what some people wear these days. As for ‘giving themselves to multiple men’; Steven have you ever slept with a virgin? It’s not fun. It’s awkward. Women who have experienced good sex are amazing. We’re confident in the bedroom, not afraid to try something new, and we like the lights on! You should be thanking those former lovers for the skills they’ve taught us, but more importantly you should remember that they are FORMER lovers. Not current, not future…They’re in the past. If you want in on our future you better come to terms with that.

As for the speaking like a sailor, well this sums it up very well:


I take a small pleasure in using foul language from time to time (mainly in the privacy of my own home and among close friends) to express my feelings. I’m sorry I’m not a Stepford wife Steven; I’m a woman who likes to swear, go dancing, drink scotch, sing out loud, I don’t always fix my hair or wear makeup, sometimes I spend all day in my pyjamas, I eat a lot of chocolate, I admit I’ve just eaten cheezels and wine for dinner (and I’ll do it again), I don’t like cooking, I love baking, I sometimes watch porn, I read erotic fiction, I love the theatre, and thought-provoking art, I like long walks on the beach with my dog, and I’ll do anything for my loved ones. So you can’t find a nice girl? Ugh, maybe you should try less judgement, more acceptance and the right girl will find you.