Today I headed off to support 2 of the girls who I crossfit with at a local crossfit comp. They had 4 WODs and 3 side events:

1) 10 mins AMRAP
KB swing
Hand release push-ups
KB squat

2) 10 mins AMRAP
400m run
30m broad-jump burpee
10 sit-ups
15m broad-jump burpee
20 sit-ups
15m broad-jump burpee
30 sit-ups

3) Bear complex – 7 reps
30kg + barbell
(The girls did theirs at 40 & 45 kg)

Power clean
Front squat
Push press
Back squat
Push press
Touch & go *
*if you let go of the bar it’s no rep and you have to start your set all over again.

4) 10 mins AMRAP
25 kg barrow 80m return
40m bear crawl
40m walking lunge

Side events: 2 mins AMRAP
A) wombat – 145kg weight to be flipped over
B) striker ball slam
C) 80kg 10m farmer walk

The girls kicked ass & at the end of the day they’ve been placed into the intermediate groups for the finals tomorrow. The whole day was really inspirational as all different shapes & sizes (& fitness levels) got through the WODs. I would’ve personally struggled with most of the workouts but I think once my foot is better a beginner crossfit comp may be on the cards in the next 12 mths.
I also got burnt to a crisp as it was a filthy hot day. So tomorrow is going to be a strict slip, slop, slap day to not add to the sunburn.