It might be 24 hrs too late (for those my side of the equator) but Happy Valentines Day. I hope your day was touched with love & kindness!

I’m working in NZ on a sales mission until Monday and as I’m still ‘just dating’ Manly Matt I didn’t expect anything or even an acknowledgement of the day. I did get a sweet Facebook message and a plan to catch up on Wednesday night.

The dating thing is new to me & there are times I struggle with it. But I’m teaching myself to relax and enjoy this time. This article really resonated with me:

dating tips
Dating is awkward, terrifying, and a lot of fun. It’s been lovely to have met someone who is keen to take me out places. Manly Matt has impeccable manners, always pays & is a good kisser. I’m really enjoying getting to know him xox.