A gorgeous friend of mine is currently looking to overhaul her fitness:

  • She quit smoking over 12 months ago;
  • Cycles daily to the office;
  • Has embraced running and cardio;
  • Is a fiend in the kitchen and has embraced clean eating; and
  • Has joined a number of social media groups about clean eating/ staying fit / etc.

I’m all for people overhauling their lifestyle to be healthier. After all the cost of obesity to the Australian Government is approximately 120 billion per annum. But I’m not a fan of Dr Google, self-diagnosis, or any type of social media group where people discuss food/health when they aren’t experts in this area.

Said gorgeous friend is an avid member of one such facebook community where women (and some men) discuss their eating habits, post pics of what they’re having for dinner (because that’s exactly what facebook needs more of), discuss how society could improve their eating, blah, blah, blah. The issue I have with said forum is that no one on this forum has anything to do with the health/medical industry. There’s a lot of self-diagnosis happening as it often does when a group of people get together and start swapping stories and symptoms. I find it all a bit full on and seriously is there not bigger things to worry about than if you included chia seeds on your breakfast this morning?

But then again what makes an expert? There are a number of best selling books on the market all telling us how to eat better, be leaner, loose weight, feel stronger etc etc. These are written by personal trainers, nutritionists, doctors, chefs, media personalities and the like.

 ImageI confess I own most of these books. In fact I can credit weight watchers with assisting me to move almost 20 kgs 3 years ago (too bad at least 10kgs has crept back on). I have a love/love relationship with food – I love it all! I’m lazy and at times don’t have the motivation to cook good food for myself so more often than not I’m prone to takeout/junk food as it’s fast and easy. I don’t like it though, other than hot chips takeout food doesn’t really appeal to me. I’m a sucker for the old meat and 3 veg that I grew up on, I never miss lamb roast night at my mums, I don’t touch seafood (in any shape or form), I rarely ever order salads which is funny as I love the fresh taste they have, I crave sweet stuff and am a sugar nut. So as you can see I really need to overhaul my food choices…Maybe I’ll join a facebook forum to learn more.