Who do you recommend

Since Christmas I’ve noticed my waistline has been spreading…I have tried to convince myself that it’s because I’ve had a sore foot, have missed sessions at the crossfit box, my deep love of twisties and chocolate, my equal passion for wine and scotch, not walking the dog enough…The list goes on. Basically I’ve put on weight and now it’s become a workout to put on work pants in the morning. Therefore I need to sort out my shit with my food and exercise as it’s a slippery slope back to where I came from if I’m not careful and I wasn’t happy there….Hence I’m seeking some recommendations on weight loss plans.
I’m seriously considering getting back into weight watchers as this worked all those years ago and most importantly I love their system of you preparing your own food. What do you think? Any recommendations?

PS. I hate the words weight loss but lean down doesn’t sound the same. Essentially I want to lean down and get fitter stronger as I don’t really care what the scales say, I care how I look with and without clothes on and how I train at the box.