Kelly - Wednesday morning WOD

This morning I had my ass handed to me! Kelly you’re a mean bitch but I love you anyways. This WOD exposed how very cardio-weak I’ve become. Due to the foot injury I did the following:
400m row
30 box step-ups
30 wall balls (6kg ball)

I didn’t finish, we had a 40 minute time cap on the WOD and I got to 4 rounds, 1 x 400m row and 1- box step-ups. The wall balls (a favourite of mine) destroyed me!

When I saw the WOD this morning I was determined to finish and had a game plan in my head. I’d aim to get the wall balls done in sets of 5+. By the second round I was doing them in sets of 3+ and struggling…I was feeling light headed and had a pounding headache. I pushed on but was the last to finish and didn’t get the WOD all done which is disappointing.

However I have been out of the box for over a week, haven’t been feeling a 100% since returning from Auckland (still chasing sleep or is that sheep), and I’m lapping all the people sitting on their couch so HA! Yeah I’m bummed I didn’t finish this off but I’m proud that I gave it my best shot and tomorrow I’ll be back again to see what fun they have planned…I just keep thinking: Keep pushing, one day this will be like your warm up!