We’ve all got dreams/hopes/ goals for 2014. I don’t really believe in setting New Years resolutions but I do like to set some goals & remind myself about the bigger picture stuff too. I normally create a couple of A3 posters and put them in my room & bathroom to try and keep me focused….I don’t have a pic of this years poster but I’ve got an update on a few goals to date:

Get to gym 4-5 times a week.
Reality: I have at least gone 1-2 times a week & more importantly have brought new gym gear so when I go I’ll be looking stylish. But buying the new gear/clothes kinda defeats the next goal…
Save money, spend less. You don’t need new clothes.
Reality: did I really write this? Apart from a few gym essentials , some new dresses, a lovely bottle of single malt 12 yr old scotch & a pair of shoes I’m yet to buy (I’ll grab them today) I’ve been really good ha! I love shopping & if there was an Olympic sport for shopping I’d probably get a medal. Maybe this is a goal I can achieve if I become Amish… But I suspect even then I’d be like, “Oohhh are those bonnets on sale? I really must grab a new one or two…. Just in case”.

To be continued….