My good friend Pauly sent me his online dating profile the other day so I could ‘finesse’ it a little bit. Here’s the end result…I confess I didn’t do much to it, just cleaned it up a little because after all we want to ensure that Pauly is displayed as nature intended: strong, a little stubborn, dominant. I did also suggest that I an extra list to his profile

Special Interests/Skills of Pauly

Oral sex (giving and receiving)

Hair pulling (giving only – he has no hair)

Deep tongue thrusting kisses

Intense finger penetration (also known as the finger thingy)


I flew home from Auckland on Monday, picked up Coco and headed straight back to my house to rest and unpack. But then I got an offer to lunch with the lovely Nat. I had cake, she had salad – she’s so much better at food than I.

HowevImageer afterwards I worked off said cake when I dropped by to say hello to Pauly. I spent a good hour or so laid flat on my back whilst this very bad man lavished attention on my body. He refused to let me return the favour – he’s such a dear, dear friend.

 Pauly and I have a NSA (no strings attached) friendship. We catch up once a week or so to have hot and sweaty sex. Afterwards we chat about our online dating exploits, shower (separately) and go off on our own merry ways. I rarely stay over as most encounters take place on my way home from work. We’ve had afternoon delight Monday or Sunday, late night Tuesday, quickie Thursday, and pants off Friday. Wednesday’s are rare as I normally have a date night with Manly Matt and I don’t like to see Pauly the same night. Currently I’m not sleeping with Manly Matt but once this happens Pauly knows I don’t share; I won’t be dropping by until my time with Manly Matt is done and the same goes for him…If he meets his someone special we won’t be catching up again.