I didn’t come home last night & this morning karma got me back for leaving Coco in the care of my flatmate . I had a great date with Manly Matt and ended up staying at his. I’m still wearing the smile he have me.

Coco was very happy to see her mummy when I got home and I let her in to snooze in my room while I caught up on sleep. I woke up to hear her barking ferociously at the front door. On my way to investigate I found the aftermath of the sandal slaughter… My favourite witchery leather wedges were destroyed. She has torn off the ankle strap of one and I can’t find it… I suspect she ate it. I was pretty devastated and growled at her for being bad and put her outside immediately. Since then I’ve calmed down and realised they’re just shoes (admittedly $180 shoes ) and she’s just being a naughty puppy. So i let her back in and took these photos to document it all. I have to say she’s not perturbed at all with being sent out for being bad …. She’s just happy to see me xox.