Benefit of the doubt

I’m gonna be whiny here so please bear with me. I’m still in a post-date glow from Friday night and today I decided instead of updating my POF profile with new pics from my aunts 50th (where we all glammed up) I would hide my profile because I’m pretty into Manly Matt. I’m not deleting it but I thought a little hidden time would be good for everyone. Last week I deleted the app because even though I checked it very rarely I never had anyone worthwhile contact me.

Today I noticed that he is online on POF. WTF?? Seriously? Friday night you wanted to ‘f**k me to pieces’ and today you’re out hunting for more dates? Now I know that I’ve been a busy girl of late but I never take more than 1 lover at a time and I chose Manly Matt. I feel that we’ll be having a discussion next time I see him to make sure we’re both in the same head space. I don’t want a proposal but forgive me if I want to be the only woman you’re sleeping with.

Deep sigh… Some days I hate online dating. Silly B, you expected too much xox