WOD #1 14.1 Crossfit Open

Thank you for no burpees!

The crossfit Open 14.1 has been announced…
10 mins AMRAP
30 double unders
15 power snatch @ 25kg

My new ritual
Wake up. Put gym gear on. Walk Coco. Feed Coco. Hit the box.

I made myself get up and out of bed this morning …I was contemplating not going to the box for a crossfit session but Manly Matt text from the airport (he’s gone away for a boozey weekend with his mates) to get me out of bed. It was the motivation I needed. After a quick walk with Coco I was on my way into the box. It was an active recovery WOD for time:

1000m row
30 20kg ball slams (could be a new favourite – very therapeutic)
30 burpees (I scaled this to push-ups on knees)
30 16kf kettlebell swing (I scaled to roman swings and my ass is still sore)
1000m row
FINAL TIME: 16.36 mins

I was especially happy as my 1000m rows were 5mins and 5.30mins respectively. Not too shabby for a Friday morning.

Tonight will be pasta night and early to bed. I’m not going to practice double-unders but I might go to the hardware store and buy a broom handle to practice power snatch technique…I just wanna land one.

I’m aiming to get at least 1 round out of both movements in the WOD tomorrow…wish me luck!