Saying farewell to a lover is never easy. Yesterday Pauly text to see what I was up to (code for are you free to get lucky with me?). I told him it didn’t feel right to be seeing him when I’m so into Manly Matt. He agreed and we parted ways…. This morning I got another text from him (see above).

Here’s my confession I love morning sex. I’m always raring to go first thing in the morning & as Manly Matt wasn’t available this morning I settled in my battery operated friend Clive to watch some ‘movies’ on my phone (yes women like porn too). Clive wasn’t really cutting it for me (I do love the weight of a man on top of me) and I was so very tempted to text Pauly to drop by and work some of his magic.

The temptation is so thick it’s like treacle – I really want an orgasm and truth be told Pauly is a sure thing! But not going there as I am picking Manly Matt up from the airport this afternoon and the idea of picking him up with the imprint of another man on me doesn’t sit well ethically.

Even if I can’t take Manly Matt home & have some afternoon delight with him I must resist temptation… It’s just not right.