Hey there blog-mates!

I’ve been of the radar for a few days as it was my Dad’s 60th Birthday on Saturday. We celebrated with wine, scotch and cake! All in all a brilliant weekend away back at the homestead with my folks and my Coco (yes she travels up in the car with me).

So I have a few things to chat about today but first of all is my all-time-favourite shopping/fashion! I love shopping, I like new things and lets be honest new clothes always make you happier. I have a goal this year to not spend too much money – so far I’m failing, terribly. But I have been good in returning or reselling items that I LOVED SO MUCH online but when they got home I realised a few things:


a. I may have been sniffing glue when I thought skinny jogger pants with exaggerated cuffs would like amazing on my curvy thighs…

b. Do I really want to wear joggers (AKA track pants) outside my house when I’m not going to a fitness class? For real?

c. I really don’t need them.

I also returned a few dresses that looked pretty horrid on me.  I’m an online shopping fiend and it’s only got worse better now that there’s all these lovely freight forwarding companies based in the states that will forward your US mailboxes only purchased all the way to me in Queensland, Australia. Thank goodness I’ve cut up a credit card otherwise we’d really be in trouble.

However I want to point out that I don’t have super expensive tastes. Sure I’d love a designer handbag and I consider a Burberry Trench an investment piece but then the traveller in me taps me on the back to remind me of all the wonderful things I could experience by not buying these items.

Then I spotted the following that I must have:


I know, I know. I’m not meant to be spending money. But come on – they’re like must-haves for my closet. Besides the pants have an elastic waist, you can roll up the cuffs, and they’re country road, that stuff lasts forever. I still have Country Road dresses and tops in my closet from 4 years ago that are as good as new and they’ve been worn a lot!

The shirt speaks for itself – a classic white shirt never goes out of style and I can also wear it to work.

PS. I know this is a shallow post but I have a filthy headache and nasty hay fever from spending the weekend at the homestead and more importantly time with the pussy cats.

PPS. In other news today has been a productive day. I say productive as compared to other days today I have actually ticked a few things off the to do list!