14.3 has been announced and it’s a killer! Heavy deadlifts and box jumps with weight increments every set. Is it just me or are we all pumped for this?

Deadlifts are my favourite lift. I know I can do at least the first 2 rounds without too much hassle. It gets harder in round 3 and 4 as my best 1RM for deadlift is only 80kg but I’m gonna give it my all.

Best news is that they’re allowing step-ups as well as box-jumps into the WOD. This basically made my day as box-jumps and I are always had a love/hate relationship. I love to do them but I hate the fact that I have almost always sustained a box-jump injury. I once clipped my foot on the edge of the box which caused me to nose-dive over the box…Very graceful, not. I ended up with bruises in some very interesting places. Plus with my injured foot box-jumps aren’t great.

How does everyone else feel about 14.3?

PS. My legs are still sore from the WODs this week (I made it in 3 times…this is almost a record) so I thought this morning I’d do a nice gentle recovery session by walking Coco on the beach. Well the tide was on it’s way in so the sand was really soft – turns out the active recovery was a little more active than I planned, still good though and totally worth it to see a happy puppy!