38 reps. 10 deadlifts x 45kg, 15 box step-ups, 13 deadlifts x 65kg. I had hoped to get through to the third round and attempt 70kg deadlifts but it wasn’t to be.

I lost time and reps with poor form which has me annoyed at myself as I was so pumped for this workout. But I’m still happy with the results and have pledged to myself to get to a class more often to work on this. I would love to book in a couple of 1- on-1 training sessions with my coaches but until I’m committed enough to attend the box 4-5 times a week again I won’t be spending the money.

I hope everyone who completed the WOD killed it! The girls at our box did.

Ps. This is my ouch face trying to get the 65kg bar up!