14.4 is a hell of a chipper! When the WOD was first announced I tried to find something I liked about it. First up I actually love rowing – a lot! I completed my 60 cal row in 5:15 mins and then spent the balance of 14 mins attempting toes to bar.

But I don’t have toes 2 bar at all. In fact I’ve barely touched a bar over the past 3 months as I’ve been nursing a foot injury which meant if I fell or jumped down if hurt myself all over again. So this morning was my first time on a bar in a long time. I didn’t nail my toes 2 bar but it’s given me the fire to set this goal & get them! I made a commitment with one of my fellow crossfitters that we’d attend the box every morning next week Mon – Fri.

FYI the pics above clockwise from top left corner:
1. 14.4 WOD. Only 1 person in our box completed the full chipper & got onto muscle-ups…. One of our amazing coaches Clay! His wife (& our other superstar coach) Revie got through to 3 muscle-ups in her WOD.
2. Me =makeup free to support breast cancer. It’s a craze all over social media. I took this pre-WOD.
3. I may have only put a 60 calorie row on the board but I’m happy I gave it go no matter what!
4. Claire & Erica two of the strongest crossfitters at our box post-WOD. Claire made it to 25 cleans in her WOD. Erica made it to the cleans!