It’s Monday and I’m bored. I’m also at work and s-h-o-u-l-d be working (should, but I’m not). Instead I present to you my weekend Wrap up….

Image Saturday started bright and early with Crossfit for WOD 14.4! Then a lunch time walk with Coco (poor girl she was so hot and bothered) and then it was off to watch MM play rugby (AKA footy in Aussie terms). I did text him Friday night to double check it would be ok if I went to watch footy (in light of the footy-gate scandal on Wednesday night) and it was all good. Footy was boring as bat-shit but I went to show that something super important to him can be a part of my life too. In fact I’m a bit of a useless spectator as I get grumpy at the other team trying to crush him. Rugby is such a physical sport. 

One of the best things to come from Saturday was to remind myself to breathe, slow down, don’t rush. I didn’t have that honest conversation with MM; I didn’t need to. I’m listening to my true instinct and heart – he’s not seeing anyone else and I am more than just ‘another’ girl to him. But it’s a gentle process; we’ve both been hurt badly by lovers in the past and this slower pace (whilst at times a little frustrating) is the way to go. My new friend Tammi (I met her at Trivia) told me that MM doesn’t say much about his personal life (other than mention his little girl) but he had mentioned me and this was a very good sign. Basically the moral of this story is: don’t over-react, relax, don’t rush it’ll get there when it’s ready, when you’re ready you’ll have this honest conversation, enjoy this moment as you’ll never get it again, and don’t give up – life wasn’t meant to be easy, it’s meant to be worth it! 


Image Sunday was another blissful day. I caught up with my lovely friends Vicki (we walk at the beach with Coco – it’s always interesting) and Marika (pictured with me). 

I decided instead of cleaning my house (well vacuuming and washing the floors) I was going to the movies, by myself, to watch a fluffy young-adult chick flick Vampire Academy. I read the books and liked the movie. OF COURSE the books were better even for young-adult fiction. I love the fact that the female lead is physically strong, sassy, sexy and would do anything for her best friend. A much better role model for young-adults than others. Marika liked it too and in the spirit of all things girlie we go shopping and I buy a sweater, sunglasses and costume jewellery I can’t afford but I can’t leave behind. Trust me when I say the navy lurex sweater is divine. Then lunch and alcoholic slushees (hence the image above) with the best burgers – shout out to Grill’d! Then we headed home to mine to de-brief on all things men, sex and life. All in all a brilliant weekend. 

How was yours?