Brought a tear to my eye #sweet #rescuedogs

As you know I’m the proud mummy of a rescue dog called Coco Pop! Coco was adopted from the awesome folk at GSDS in need AU. This amazing organisation specialises in German Shepherd rescues and rehabilitation. It’s run by Lisa and her trusted group of admin volunteers. There’s also a specialist GSD trainer who is based in Victoria who assists with the rehabilitation of dogs that have been deemed to need this help.

Today when I saw this post I cried. How beautiful that someone whispers in the dogs ears how wonderful their life will be with their new family. In the case of the sweet Cricket featured in the post she was surrendered by a loving owner who made the impossible decision that she couldn’t care for Cricket any more so she gave her to GSDs in need to find a new home where she’ll be showered with love. I have no judgement for Cricket’s first mum as she’s tried to do her best by her dog.

Coco and I are catching up with a group of the GSDs in need guys on Sunday for an intensive training session with the elusive Trainer G. I spoke to G the other day and I’m anxious/excited about Sunday’s session. I told G that all I want for Coco is to live a happy and healthy life….She doesn’t have to be perfect – I think she’s awesome no matter what. Even when she pulls on her lead for almost her whole walk (like today), or she tries to chase birds on her lead (also this morning), jumps about like a maniac when she see’s other dogs (in general, like all the time), and sometimes doesn’t listen to me (like last night when she pulled one of my flatmates hand made sausage rolls off his plate).

Do me a favour…Head onto facebook and like the page of GSDsinneedAU. Thanks x

PS. Check out this cool idea for Easter from another group of awesome people the Animal Welfare League of Queensland! I’m thinking Coco Pop and I have to do this!