ImageDear Universe,

I’m sorry for all the bad things I have ever done. I’m sorry I ate twisties for breakfast and had KFC for dinner last night. I promise I’ll be better from now on. No need to punish me with 14.5 and burpees!

OMG 14.5 is a killer! At first a lot of people were stressed as there isn’t a timecap. There’s a reason for this – if you don’t finish the WOD you don’t score. At. All. So there’s no scores for getting part of the way – the WOD is designed to reward those who have the strength to finish. Our coach has already made the call that she will time cap the beginners (that would be me) and that we should be honest with ourselves and scale where necessary. Brutal but fair; many of us will struggle to even land a 30kg thruster; I know my best efforts have been around 15-20 kg. I actually like thrusters but they have the tendency to ruin my wrists (which are already weak from the RA).  Besides I entered the open for the challenge to get myself to the box more and to try and progress my skills. Whilst I didn’t get a major break-through like landing my first CTB  or even a TTB, I did manage to increase my double unders, lift a snatch heavier than before, start running again, start to do burpees properly (I used to only do half burpees), lift some good deadlifts, and overall get inspired to do better. I have a fire in my belly from watching all the babes at my box train hard in the open. Besides I don’t want to be the best at crossfit – I just want to do my best.

ImageSo tomorrow I’ll be entering a score of zero as I want to ensure that I’m being honest and smart about the weight. I will be doing a hard workout nonetheless. I’ll aim for 20kg and if needed scale down to 15kg for thrusters. Burpees terrify me but I’ll give them my best and hopefully I can make a really decent dent in the ladder before the time cap is called at 15 minutes.