Twisties are a super food right?

This morning I had twisties as an entree for breakfast…Main course was half a protein bar I grabbed post-WOD after I’d finished crossfit. Now I’ve mentioned before my deep love of twisties and the fact that my waistline is expanding. I think we’ve moved on from expanding to exploding – 4 skirts in my wardrobe don’t fit me, my suit pants are so tight that I get red and rubbed skin when I wear them, and I’ve bought my first size 14 skirt in almost 4 years to accommodate my ‘bulking up for winter’ body.

Therefore I have to get proper serious about sorting out my relationship to food. Some of you lovely blog-mates have recommended some very sensible eating/lifestyle plans to me; I’m also an ex-weight watcher member who managed to skim almost 20kg off 4 years ago. Plus thanks to my ex-personal trainer boyfriend I have a very good understanding of what good food to eat to be more healthy and lean down. I just lack the motivation.

Therefore yesterday I designed myself a motivation board (as per above) to remind me as I start the journey of becoming more healthy that I will have bad days, I will have good days, I’ll still always love twisties (that will never change) and I will be able to indulge them from time to time, there will be times when I don’t want to train, as well as days when I nail a WOD at the box or run longer than the time before, I will be able to fit back into those skirts, finally wear that sexy LBD I’ve got stashed away (without spanx), and no matter what I won’t stop….I’ll keep going on this journey of being healthier.

The truth is I don’t want to get diet-related diabetes or suffer any more sugar induced headaches; I want to feel better about myself and that starts with the food I eat. I feel like the exercise side of this story is getting there – I’m making it to the crossfit box more (4 times so far this week – 5 when you count tomorrows open WOD) and come the start of April I begin running again in the lead up to my favourite time of the year Gold Coast Airport Marathon Festival (GCAM). I love this festival and this will be my fourth year attempting to hit a sub-6o minute 10 klm run.

In preparation for the commencement of my journey I will be doing a big cupboard and fridge cleanse tomorrow. I’m also committing to food prep on the weekends for my working week. I’ll also be measuring my bust, waist and hips tomorrow to have a starting point. I refuse to weigh myself – my aim is leaner/stronger and that means heavier on the scale (muscle weighs more than fat after all) so measurements are a good start.

Wish me luck! I’ll keep you updated on the progress….