Hey blog-mates! Sorry long time, no speak! It’s been a little busy at my ‘day job’ of late. So a quick catch up is in order:

ImageSaturday meant the last WOD in Crossfit Open. 14.5 was a filthy workout but I was determined to do my best. So in the 15 minute timecap I achieved a total of 33 burpees and 39 thrusters. I didn’t quite finish my set of 18 burpees….Not the absolute best result but for me it was a big win as I worked on perfecting form (turns out I can go up in my weights for thrusters – bring on 20 kg+ in the future) and even better I was able to do full burpees. Every step counts!

Saturday night I headed out with a couple of the crossfit girls (gorgeous Claire Bear is in the top right hand box) for Italian and a few drinks. First up the food was divine! I had handmade quattro formiggi (four cheese) gnocchi. The cheese sauce was almost too rich but the gnocchi was melt in your mouth – just amazing. The restaurant Gemelli is based in Broadbeach on the Gold Coast. The menu reminded me of Italy with simple pasta flavours and classic carne (meat) mains. The dessert menu was very Australian though with the inclusion of espresso martinis. After dinner we wandered about trying to find a bar that would catch our eye – nothing seemed to fit but it was good to be out and frocked up with the girls.

Sunday was dog training day with miss Coco Pop and I. I was pretty pumped for this as the trainer was a specialised German Shepherd trainer who breeds and trains dogs for the police force and the military. I’d spoken to the Trainer earlier in the week and we discussed what I hoped to get from the course – I told him I wanted to gain the right tools to train Coco.

ImageOverall findings from the training day:

  • There were over 12 German Shepherds attending and all of them were dog reactive (including Coco who is more anxious about other dogs then aggressive)
  • There wasn’t enough focus on individual dogs – every dog is different – and whilst we only had 8 hours to the course I’m disappointed that each owner didn’t get a little one on one time with the trainer.
  • Things started well enough at the course with Coco sitting and even dropping onto her belly at times around the other dogs (this is huge for her)
  • Things began to unravel when the trainer asked us to try clear signal training. I tried everything from mince, sausage to her toy to keep her focused in the clear signal training exercise but she was too distracted by other dogs and her eyes where beginning to show whites around them (a classic anxiety movement).
  • I felt myself getting frustrated and feeling hopeless when trying to work with Coco; why couldn’t she get this? What was I doing wrong?
  •  I had a major meltdown – I was in tears, sobbing in fact, and couldn’t catch my breath. I kept telling them I needed a moment. I just remember feeling so overwhelmed by it all and disappointed in the lack of support from the trainer for all dogs.
  • There seemed to be a lot of yelling at the dogs when they misbehaved (which was warranted as they were barking and acting aggressively) and the whole point of this training day was for me to learn to be calmer with Coco as when I’m in high stress she is too.
  • I was so lucky to work with another trainer Nicki, who specialises in positive reinforcement training (exactly what I want to do with Coco).  Coco and I learnt the basics of loose leash walking and also to sit on command (which she knew anyways).
  • All in all I’m trying not to be negative about the day as I was able to get some amazing results. However I was disappointed that after my meltdown the trainer didn’t come and speak to me again for the rest of the day…I did after all pay over $200 to attend this course.

ImageSince then Coco and I have been working on the training techniques Nicki taught us. I’ve also downloaded a lot of dog training information to see what I can achieve at home before I consider paying for lessons again. So far it’s been so good – I just need to be patient with Coco. She’s such a beautiful girl and has come so far from the scared dog I adopted last year. As Nicki said, “You’ve got the relationship with the dog, now you just need to work on the rules”.

PS. My official score for the Crossfit open: 52,119 from a total of 59,735 individual women competing.