Coco update

So my current obsession right now (wait who am I kidding this obsession has been with me for over 5 months) is my beautiful German Shepherd Coco Pop. At the moment we’re working on some training drills in preparation of actually joining an obedience course in the near future. Now I was scheduled to start an obedience course but I cancelled it based on the information I’d received from a certain Trainer who’s course I attended last weekend (read all about how wonderful that was here – Yep, that’s sarcasm you’re reading).

Based on the outcomes of this course I decided to do some research and look up training methods suitable for Miss Coco and I. I’m a huge fan of positive reinforcement training, i.e. Food rewards and praise for doing the requested behaviour correctly. Now if this isn’t your thing that’s totally fine – but this is my choice. So this week we’ve been working every day on loose lead walking, not pulling, sitting and dropping. So far it’s been good but it’s not been easy…However every day I’ve seen an improvement. Today on our walk I she had pulled ahead of me and I called her back to my side by saying “Puppy” and tapping my leg, she was good and walked back to my side. We’ll keep working on this as well as getting her to stop when I do and also sitting beside me when I stop.

PS. I spoke to the wonderful Lisa from GSDs in need today who called to make sure I was ok after the training day.