Good old fashioned advice

Hey blog-mates! Remember a while ago I was on my soap-box banging on about clean eating and how I think the whole ‘paleo’ movement is a little bit shite? If you missed it you can re-read here!

Anythewho I found a great article by my new girl crush Mrs Woog (her blog is here and how she gives her thoughts on all things bright and shiny in the health word. My favourite line is ..
“Where are my lifestyle gurus? … The great Dan Murphy? Do I need someone to tell me, as I lay on my deathbed, that I did just fine eating carbs? (While feeding me peeled fantales….)”.

For the record Dan Murphy would be the perfect lifestyle guru – it’s the name of a large liquor store company in Australia (and one of my fav places to visit – it’s comforting being surrounded by all that alcohol).

Happy Monday Y’all!