Irish Cancer Breakthrough #proudfriendmoment #cancer #research

A HUGE proud friend moment happened this morning! Last night my beautiful friend Anna told me that mutual friend (and one of her absolute BFFs) has had a major breakthrough in cancer research over in Belfast, Ireland

Dr Savage (known by his mates back here in Aussie as Keno) studied science at the University of the Sunshine Coast. This is how we all met – he was living in student accommodation with Anna and another great friend Andrew. Andrew knew Mikey…Mikey knew everyone and somehow we all came together! Keno wasn’t the most dedicated student but when it came to science it just ‘clicked’ and he always got amazing results on his exams and assessments.

He moved to Ireland (his parents home country) years ago but we’ve always tried to keep in touch. Aside from leading the way with cancer research breakthroughs he’s also met a lovely Irish girl and they’re getting married.

Basically the research he’s been leading gives women with the BRCA1 gene (the one that is a heredity indicator to women’s cancers) more options than having surgery to prevent cancer such as Angelina Joile bravely did. There’s a long way to go yet before the research can be applied on real live patients but we’re all proud as punch of Kienan and his team’s efforts to date! We always knew he was a boob man.