ImageHiya blog-mates! So it’s Tuesday and motivation to do my actual job (the one I get money which in turn keeps a roof over Coco and I’s head) is missing. So here’s my round up:

The Good

#1 You see my pic to the left of cinders all glammed up? There’s a little movement on facebook at the moment where you can post pics of Disney characters in order to drown out the negative images that can clog up our feeds. I also see it as a nice way to put something up that drowns out the other useless crap we all see on FB! FYI even though I look more like Snow White (it’s the fair skin and darkish hair) Cinderella is a girl after my own heart – she sings to small animals (I sing to Coco, sure she’s not small but it still counts), she has a fairy godmother (I love makeovers – hook me up Cinders), and she looses her shoe after racing away from a guy (I have lost shoes tripping over stuff before – it’s a bit of a stretch, but go with me on this).

#2 I’m off to see my family this week and 2 gorgeous souls are getting married too! I love going home – it’s a small coastal city and my parents have a big ole timber deck out the back that has views of a the ocean (in the distance)…It’s very peaceful sitting out there with Coco and Dexter (their dog) watching the world go by.

Dexter and Coco captured in B&W

The Bad 

#1 I haven’t been to crossfit yet this week. I’ve been so tired and feeling a little unmotivated of late. But I am promising myself I go tomorrow and Thursday before I go away for the weekend (did I mention I’ve working a short week to spend more time at home). Plus this week is the first week I commence running training for GCAM so I’m pumped to be attempting a run along the esplanade in my home town.

#Peaches Geldof is dead. On my way into work this morning I heard the sad, sad news and I cried. I feel so sad for her loved ones and especially her precious little boys she so clearly adored. The reports state that there the death is unexplained and sudden; and that the coroner is looking into natural causes. No matter what the cause she is gone and I am saddened that this family has had to experience yet another tragedy.


The statement released by her father Bob