8 reasons this is cool

A dear friend linked this article onto Facebook today with the following image:


I’ll admit she had me at Sex and the XXX Church label. So I jumped on to read all about the good lords views on sex.

I’ll admit I didn’t have high hopes for the post and since then I’ve read other posts on the site that are just complete and utter bullshit. But this article was good – it offered good solid advice in a way that anyone could understand. For the record I was raised god-fearing Catholic/Christian. We went to church on Sunday mornings and socialised with a circle of friends from said church. I did my first communion, confirmation and normally this time of year I’d be well into Lent and ‘given’ something up for it. However the church-going stopped once I turned 18, and I haven’t felt the urge to go back. On top of that I now subscribe more to the Big Bang Theory than “…On the Seventh Day God Created…” way of things. This would explain why Bible Boy and I didn’t get past that third date last year.