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Heya blogmates…This week has been a lazy week for me! Maybe it’s the weather is getter cooler (we’re halfway through Autumn here), maybe it’s the large amounts of sugar I’ve been consuming, or maybe I’m just in a funk! Whatever it is I’m sorry for not keeping in contact with y’all!

The big news today is that I’ve finally signed myself up to run 10klm at the upcoming Gold Coast Marathon. So come 5th July 2014 I’m running this event for the fourth year in a row and I expect to see Ryan Gosling with Coco at the finish line! My aim is always to better the previous years time (2013 was 1:05); however I’m also chasing a sub 60 min time….As always. I do my first official interval training tomorrow so we’ll see how we go :).

I’ve been a little bit of a funk the last week or so…I can’t really tell you why, a lot of little reasons. So instead of listing them (which I started to do but changed by mind) I’m going to list the following things I’m grateful for:

  • I got new running shoes for Easter! They’re purple so of course they’ll make me run faster;
  • I’m having a big Good Friday lunch with my beautiful Brisbane family (aunts, uncles, cousins and babies) tomorrow;
  • My lovely friend W is coming to visit on Sunday and we’re going out for lunch;
  • I’ve been kicking some goals at work lately (though that could’ve been the cupcakes I took to bribe my work meetings with);
  • Running Club tomorrow with the crossfit babes (nuff said);
  • This week is a 4 day week, next week is also a 4 day week…I love public holidays;
  • It’s almost Easter – my favourite time of year;
  • I went back to the crossfit box this morning…It’s been over a week and it was amazing to be back!
new running shoes
new running shoes

I hope you all have a great day too!