Happy Easter Y’all! I hope everyone had a brilliant day filled with family & hopefully chocolate.


I’m currently finishing off my long weekend with a game of thrones season 3 marathon. I started late yesterday & after I’ve finished it I think I’ll try and watch all of season 1…. I haven’t seen all of it (just the middle & of course the last episode). I’m enjoying this series – but it’s not for the faint hearted. It’s all a little depressing…


In other news my instinct is nudging me again. I haven ‘t seen Manly Matt in a fortnight due to schedules. That isn’t the real problem… The issue is he didn’t respond to a happy Easter text I sent yesterday & this is unheard of. It’s also one of the methods I’ve seen men use when they no longer want to continue seeing someone. I’m angry & disappointed …. I expected more of him, I considered him a good man with a good heart. But this ignoring of me is so very horribly rude & to be honest pretty gutless. And if he’s not brushing me off then it takes just 10 seconds to send a text – more importantly his actions are showing me there isn’t enough respect for me to give me this notice. So instead of waiting around to hear from him I’ve text him to give him the benefit of the doubt….


If I don’t hear from him at all then I’ll take this to mean we’re done … But at least I will have attempted contact rather than acting the coward . I will also speak my mind to let him know that his behaviour was hurtful. This won’t achieve anything but I will have spoken my mind #mantra