It’s my first day back at work after the long weekend and naturally I’m doing very little work… I have however been window shopping on the internet and have come across a few things that sum up my feelings today: 



I have some names to add to this book – every driver on the motorway who made it their personal mission to make me late for work. I stalked into the office sometime after 10am…It took so freaking long! 


It’s almost Mothers Day here and I’m searching for the perfect gift for mama bear! We always say this to each other so I’m loving this locket – plus lil sister C and I can put a pic in of us each!


If I had a herb garden and could successfully grow herbs I would want these….But as

  • I’m renting
  • have no desire to make a herb garden
  • killed a coriander I got at the supermarket last week (I think the little bugger gave up and died just to spite me)

….I should just admire these lovely herb sticks from afar.  


How adorable is this? Granted I’m a crazy dog lady but I still love it. Plus Coco chewed one of cushions last week and so I need a new one (and maybe a new pet – joking)! 

Image Image

Yep I’m smitten with Manly Matt…..Can’t you tell? Beside this is some very handy advice for when I feel the over-reactor princess is about to make an appearance!


My sweet friend Nat had her heart broken today. Totally and utterly decimated by a boy trying to be a man but really all he’s done is destroy her. She’ll get through this….Tonight we’re doing pepperoni pizza, wine and hugs! Coco will also throw in some big doggy kisses too! 

Right now I must really do some real work….Happy Tuesday xox