*warning this isn’t a happy post*

A teenage girl has died in Egypt after an operation to perform female circumcision has gone wrong, and I am angry (article here). I am so angry at this young woman’s family who felt it was their right, duty and belief to take their daughter to someone to have this done to her. I am terribly saddened by the thousands of women throughout Egypt and other countries where female circumcision is common; who have suffered the pain and horror of this act. Sex is a normal natural thing for everyone to enjoy and I believe it is our given right to enjoy it- this means orgasms for both men and women, sometimes together and sometimes alone! To take this away from someone is a crime; and to mutilate someone’s body to keep them ‘chaste’ is horrifying. 

I searched for a long time to find a quote to top this post with. I couldn’t find the right words to express my sadness about Sohier loosing her life and about all of the women who are denied a basic right to enjoy sex. If you read the article you will learn that the case of Sohier’s death has sparked a trial where her father and doctor are charged. You will also find that Egypt banned female circumcision back in 2008; but it is still common; and this is the first time a doctor has been charged for completing the act.

I feel the quotes above represent my final thoughts after reading this article – there is hope this act will become less and less common, those responsible for Sohier’s death will be trialled and hopefully made accountable (but this won’t bring her back), and I pray it will commence the first steps in educating a society that female circumcision is an atrocity that no woman should endure. 

RIP Sohier