It’s kinda crazy how happy my frog socks make me. I’m a total child at heart and these little guys appeal to that. It’s finally beginning cold enough to wear these of a night as winter approaches.

I’ve been quiet this week as I’ve been been feeling under the weather. I’m off to the medical centre tomorrow to cross out a serious virus & hopefully catch it before I get really unwell.

I’ve also been sad as an old friend from university mother passed away last week. Jenny was Mikey’s mum & always a lot of fun…. I can remember her opening her home to Mikey and all of us when he dragged us back to his home town. Jenny was a wonderful lady and an exceptional mother, wife & grandma. She slipped away peacefully on Friday 25 April after battling the dreaded big c for the past. 2 years. Today was her funeral service and so a group of us old uni mates drove back into Mikey’s home town to pay our respects as his mum was laid to rest.


It was a heartfelt service where the whole family played a part in farewelling Jenny. One of her daughters is a celebrant & she did the service – what a truly beautiful gesture and I am in total awe of her strength to do this, all of the kids placed a memento on her casket, local community members gave a tribute, and Jenny herself obviously pulled some strings upstairs to get the sun to come out for the service. Once it was done the the dark clouds and raindrops reappeared as if Jenny was telling us all, “stop talking, get to the bowls club for a drink “.

Our group of friends worked out that we hadn’t seen everyone in close to. 5 years. We all agreed that is too long & we have to catch up more often. I’ve been given the task to arrange a catch up sometime this year … I’m hoping it will be an annual thing , meeting up for no good reason sure beats meeting up for a sad one.