Is it really that hard to have manners in dating? according to Lauren over at They really said this yes it is.

When I was single (wow, that is a sentence I’m not gonna get used to soon) I used to hate if someone didn’t respond to my text or phone call. I find it the height of rudeness and ignoring someone only hurts their feelings. However in saying that ignoring less than desirable dates used to be my MO. I would eventually text or email them back but as I usually felt so awful that I just wasn’t that into them I didn’t want to respond as I believed that would give them hope….Total BS right! Anyone who is dating right now has probably experienced that feeling of being ignored because someone hasn’t the balls to text/call you back and say “Sorry, not interested”.

When I was dating my friend Paul (we are so much better of as friends) he pulled the pin on our relationship after a few weeks as he felt there wasn’t a ‘spark’ (turns out he was right). I was upset at the time but more importantly I was pissed as he’d text me! Really? This man had seen my naked body and we’d slept together (more than once), had been on multiple dates, cooked for each other dinner, hung out together….you get the picture, and despite this I wasn’t worth a face to face conversation? Even a hand written note (with break-up flowers) would’ve been less insulting. But that’s just the way Paul is, he doesn’t like confrontation and prefers to have honest conversations via text message….It woulda never worked.

It’s totally cowardly to ignore someone and not respond to their messages. Of course if you firmly put politely say, “I don’t think it’s gonna work out” and they keep harassing you then you know there’s this super neat block button on the new iPhone 5 software. Otherwise delete all messages and change their name in your phone to Do not ANSWER.

BFF R and I were talking about this very topic the other night. She’s seeing someone who she ear-marked as a playmate due to his hot and cold personality. One minute his calling himself her boyfriend and the next minute he’s not responding to her messages. He suspects he may have a girlfriend…I suspect he may be an asshole.

PS. Found this great article from Lucy Gransbury on her theory of the silence is not golden man..