Second day in a row for crossfit!! I’m aiming to make it tomorrow as well and of course Friday which is the dreaded run club.

This morning wasn’t easy but I’m definitely stronger as I could do the progression rope climb movements easier than last time. Now it’s just a matter of getting the technique right & getting up that damn rope!

I was excited to see kettle bells in the metcon (I’m a fan) and I did do 16kg Russian (not all the way) to warm myself back into it. The wall balls were a mess – singles and the occasional 2 in a row. I remember when I could do 10 in a row. A friend at work has been working with a life coach/mentor guy who told her to try and use positive words…. Here it goes:
Instead of, “I am so unfit, I used to be so much better at crossfit”.
Use, “what can I do to improve my fitness?”
ANSWER: more crossfit, sleep, eat better.