Have you ever noticed that more often than not the only time you talk about your relationship with your friends/family is to complain about your significant other? Just me then. I’ll confess in the past I’ve been guilty of only contacting my girlfriends and my mum to complain about my boyfriends behaviour. It’s not that I purposely intend to bad mouth my man but when things are going so well I forget to tell everyone about it (too busy having fun or something like that). This has lead to people questioning if I’m happy at all… “You only tell me the bad stuff”.

A couple of weekends ago Manly Matt and I had date night – movies and then drinks with friends. Then something magical happened; in the wee hours of the morning we discussed when was the right time for me to meet his little girl Miss M. I told him that whilst I would love to meet her the ball was 100% in his court and it was his call when it was right for us to meet. I also added that I thought the first time I get to meet her it would be a social situation with other people about rather than me coming to his house whilst she’s staying (that could be a little overwhelming). For a man who makes me laugh so much (he’s very cheeky) and likes to keep it a little light I was touched that this topic had been on his mind and more importantly he wants me to meet his daughter (when the time is right).

The weekend just been was filled with highs and lows:

Highs Lows
I got to meet Miss M and she’s adorable One of gorgeous friends is going through a very stressful time. She is an incredibly private person and it’s not my place to tell the story but it is so so so hard to see someone as strong as her so distressed
I had a well needed catch up with my girlfriends in Brisbane  Kylie
I had an amazingly lazy Saturday sleeping in and reading until midday – trust me my normal wakeup time is 6am this was bliss

M eeting Miss M was probably the biggest highlight, especially as the week before Manly Matt and I had discussed this and both agreed that more time was needed. Obviously he changed his mind over the week and whilst I wasn’t introduced as “Daddy’s special friend” I did meet her and yes she is adorable, beautiful, smart, and very independent – as I found out when I saw her wandering away from the group looking determined….When I asked her where she was going her reply was, “To the bathroom”. I told her it might be best if someone went with her – after all she is only 3!

Seeing the girls in Brisbane was equally amazing and much vodka was consumed as we laughed and cried our way through the evening. I’ve known these special ladies for 7 + years. I met 2 of them at my first real job after university; the 3rd I met through them. We’ve travelled together and over the time I’ve known them houses have been brought and sold, we’ve all moved cities, we’ve fallen in and out of love, there’s more overseas trips, two weddings, and two babies as well. We don’t catch up as often as we should which I hope to change this year by making more time to see them.

friends are like bras

Happy Monday Y’all. I hope you had a good weekend too