Girl Moment #crazy

30 minutes ago I was in the middle of a crazy girl meltdown ….I can still feel it loitering in me but thanks to a quick walk outside to see the sunshine and a chocolate cookie I feel ok again. My crazy girl meltdown is due to Manly Matt not texting me back since yesterday evening…This isn’t unusual we both have busy lives. I think the reason for the crazy girl moment is that I am happy at the moment – really happy with him. In fact I even had a little gloat to my friend Pauly (remember who broke up with me via text) this morning on how well things were going…..So I’m concerned because A) I have a boyfriend and I’ve started telling people I have a boyfriend so it’s now real and what if we break up? B) I feel if I’m happy I’ll get relaxed and then something bad could happen (told you I was crazy) C) Karma is a bitch and I shouldn’t have boasted to my friend….OMFG serious girl meltdown stuff. But on the other side of one very delicious chocolate cookie I feel like I can breathe again and most importantly I haven’t checked my phone to see if he’s texted in 30 minutes WOO HOO!