I’ve been banging on about running for months now. I hurt my foot late last year tripping over a sneaky step in high heels and it’s never been the same since. I haven’t properly run on it in months and I (in a fit of over-confidence) signed up to tackle the 10k run at this years Gold Coast Airport Marathon. Now it’s crunch time….I want to run this race and finish but at the moment I have a serious case of runners block. I can’t seem to make myself want to start running. I book myself into the crossfit boxes running club every week and without fail I cancel my booking. So with just 5 weeks before race day the panic has set in. I do have a ‘get out of jail free’ card in that I can revert my 10k race place to a 5.7k race instead but unless I become drastically ill I’d prefer to not do that.

So I’ve set myself a little challenge for the coming weeks:

Week 1: Saturday 31 May – 7 June

  • I must run 1km a day! A HUGE ask – there’s a little man made lake at the end of my street and the path around the lake is 1km. It’s flat as a tack and maybe (a BIG maybe) I could take Coco with me….Provided she doesn’t get too distracted by birds or other dogs. Plus it’s going to get you over your runners block! 
  • I must go to crossfit at least 3 times and I CANNOT cancel run club – unless I am dying. Aim for a 3-5k run. 
  • I will continue to eat well and look after myself 

Week 2: Saturday 8 – 14 June 

  • I must run the 3k loop I love at Kirra twice this week (Sunday + Saturday) 
  • I must do 1 session of hills with Coco (luckily there’s a massive hill just near my place) Wednesday 
  • I must attend running club and attempt a longer run of 5k + 
  • I must attend crossfit at least 3 times (Mon, Tues, Thurs) 

Week 3: 15 – 21 June 

  • I must run the 3k loop at Kirra Beach once (Wednesday) 
  • I must complete a 4k run by myself (Saturday or Sunday) 
  • I must attend run club and run a longer distance aiming for 7k+ 
  • I must attend crossfit at least 3 times (Mon, Tues & Thurs) 

Week 4: 22 – 28 June (I’m in Sydney for work) 

  • Visit the hotel gym 1-2 times (it’s not that scary and they have a rower) 
  • 3k treadmill run at hotel 
  • Try to limit eating bad food even though you’re staying in a hotel 

Week 5: Last week before race day 

  • Loads of water & good food 
  • Early to bed every night 
  • 3 sessions of crossfit (Mon, Tues, Thurs) 
  • Go to running club Friday and do a lazy 3k run 
  • 1 x 4-5k run on Wednesday morning 
  • Have a great run on race day! 

Fingers crossed I can do this!