My plan to learn to run again is slowly coming to life. I went for a run Saturday, managed a dog walk Sunday (this was special as I was decidedly hungover after having a time at the pub with Manly Matt Saturday night), and I’ve hit the box up twice this week so far!!

Both mornings I haven’t checked the WOD before leaving home. I’m not strong enough to check it & give myself the opportunity to talk myself out of going. Yesterday was a nice way to start the week with my favourite weights! My 1RM was 35kg for clean & jerk. I almost nailed 40kg for a PB but I couldn’t seem to clean the bar. I did grace with a 20kg bar in 6:02, not the best time but I’m happy I got it done.

This mornings AMRAP was more my style – mix of cardio, weights (40kg deadlifts) & kettle bells. I loved the doubleunders this morning – I got 1 better than last time but still need to work on these. The WOD was hard yakka but still fun. I came in at 4 rounds 20 reps – I would’ve liked to have done banded pull-ups instead of jumping so that’s something to work on next time!

Tomorrow is run day…. Let’s see what happens!