I may be the clumsiest crossfitter on the planet. This week I managed to bruise a finger my snapping my rope across it whilst attempting to top my previous 3 minutes max reps for double unders. Then I smacked a 32kg barbell into my chin whilst working on a 1 rep max push jerk complex which resulted in a split lip. I didn’t dare go to running club this morning and do myself more damage!

In other news I’ve had a tough week of WODs with Karen on Wednesday and then a ‘recovery’ session Thursday that was anything but recovery – unless you count the crossfit recovery position I was in at the end of the WOD (i.e. flat on my back staring at the ceiling). But despite this I got through them and I am especially proud to be able to press the little Rx symbol for Karen. I know, I know it’s only wall balls but it’s 100-and-freaking-50 of them! The last time I attempted Karen I believe I used a 4kg ball and I’m pretty sure I stopped at 100. Mentally this was a tough workout too as I was reaching halfway at 75 the remainder of my class was finished. They did help out with telling me to keep going and pick up the ball (not really what I needed to hear), what helped the most was my coach jumping in and doing the last 50 balls in sets of 2-3 at a time right beside me.  I know that another thing that motivates me is someone literally counting down the reps and urging me to keep going – funny what motivates us hey?



I’ve also bitten the bullet and finally done my measurements to keep me accountable for my fitness and body shape. Here they are:

  • Bust: 101cm
  • Waist: 100cm
  • Hips: 106cm

I knew things had begun to slide out of control when some sneaky little mouse tailor had stitched my clothes up a little too tight! The Australian Government is beginning to take obesity seriously; I think they’ve woken up to the fact that obesity is more than just not fitting into your clothes it causes some serious issues. Therefore they’ve created a bunch of tools including websites, help lines, medicare rebates for lap-band surgery, and much more. Unfortunately they haven’t looked at rebates for personal training or group fitness classes as an option before lap-band surgery becomes a must.

Any-the-who the reason I mention our Government is because they’ve listed a healthy waist circumference as 80cm – 87cm. I also strongly believe in bio-scans what are an electronic version of the old pinch test to gauge how much body fat percentage you have. I’ll be grabbing one of these after I take my measurements again  in 4 weeks time. The real work begins now.