The thing about running is I don’t really enjoy it… It’s rare for me to be running and think to myself, “oh wow, this is so amazing …. I’m running”.
But I do love the results that running and intensive cardio brings …. Plus running doesn’t care if you can’t kip or do handstand push-ups; if you can walk then you can run! Of course there is an art to running & on my last run a few weeks ago I’ll admit I wasn’t running my best. I’m not run fit, I’m also heavier than I’ve been in years, and I’m nursing my foot injury. However I realised all hope wasn’t lost when I ran up Burleigh Hill … I could hear my old running coach in my head saying, “Chest up, shoulders back, high knees. Just keep moving – keep your eye on the finish line”…. Of course the view helps as well:


But no matter the view this run told me in no uncertain terms I am not & will not be ready for the 10k run at GCAM. Therefore I’ll be run/walking the 5.7k event…. I’d like to try and run part of it but I will see how this foot progresses over the next 2-3 weeks. I am also off to see a sports physio when I’m back from Sydney – I’ll be posting all things awesome & fabulous about this city then!