The thing about money is there’s never enough to do all the things you want to do. It always gets chewed up by stuff like paying bills, mortgage repayments, rent, dog food, dog toys, dog beds (I’m sensing a theme here), food for humans, fuel, etc….All boring, all necessary. Once you’ve paid for all of the important stuff it leaves very little room for much else…Or maybe this is just me. After living like the grasshopper who sang all summer shopping and gallivanting away until I had frittered all of money away, but what a way to go!

So I’ve spent the last 12 months and I dare say the next 9 months paying of debt I accrued whilst buying beautiful things. It’s not a lot of fun being a grown up but truth be told it is kind of a weird pride when you’ve paid all your bills. Of course then there’s only a little money left for fun stuff but at least I’m not falling into more and more debt. I got some great news today from my lovely bank advising me that they had increased my credit limit – how very kind! My first reaction was to list all of the delicious things I was going to buy with this new money – clothes, manicures, furniture for the house, wine, shoes, jewels…Oh My! But then grown up B stepped in and reminded me that I must only get the necessities….Especially if I want to achieve my goal of being debt free in 12 months. Hmmm sometimes being a grown up sucks! 

So here’s the list of stuff I need to get: 

  • A new mattress for my spare room – this is a means to an end. New mattress means an extra bed and this equals a second flatmate which means more $$$ for me. To use to pay bills :(. 
  • 2 new chairs for my lounge room – related to getting a new flatmate, they have to sit somewhere. 
  • Cushions for the chairs – totally a necessity. If the new flatmates are uncomfortable they’ll move out! 
  • New bed(s), flea tablets and heart worm medication for Coco Pop – these are must dos! 


So this weekend it looks like I’m going shopping! I’ll post some before and after shots of my place once it’s all done.