So it’s Friday ….My second favourite F-word…After Fridge (I think wine or scotch or chocolate) and Free (not the other F-word I am prone to muttering, moaning, or speaking in my ‘outdoor’ voice). It’s past 6pm and really I should be heading home…I’m sure there’s a bottle of white wine calling my name.

A few things that have made me happy this week in no particular order:

This Picture… 



This is my official email inbox as I left it this evening. Notice all that empty space at the bottom? This makes me smile…After weeks of wading through work I’ve finally achieved the unimaginable…An inbox I can see the bottom of without using the scroll on my mouse.

PS. You guessed it I work for a hotel…As a glamorous sales and marketing executive. Through truth be told there isn’t much glamour when you get down to the actual work :). 

This Quizz 
I got  The Lover: You are a true lover! You are kind, sexy, passionate and emotional. You adore that feeling of falling for someone, and experiencing those crazy heartbeats, and can sometimes let your feelings get the best of you. You are not quick to judge people, and you can always find the positive side of things. Love is all you need!

So true…I do believe that love and kindness are 2 things we don’t have enough of in this world. Also very true that I love being in love…but the older I get the more I learn that real love is more than crazy heartbeats. 

This Dog…. 



Taken post walk this morning my beautiful Coco Pop brightens my day! Even when she insists on walking through mud and then trying to sneak into the house without getting dried/cleaned off. 

This City… 




I’m headed to Sydney next week for work. Yes it means long days of trekking around the city with appointments but it’s not all bad because after all it’s SYDNEY! Also my little sister C is flying in at the end of the week to see me and we’re catching up with a bunch of people we travelled around Europe with a couple of years ago – kind of like a mini Top Deck reunion. I can hardly wait. 

Shopping….It’s gonna happen this weekend. I need to buy a mattress and some chairs. Then it’s time to seriously make over my place!

Finally in an effort to be balanced I have one little niggle at the end of this week…Still no word from Manly Matt as to if we are seeing each other tomorrow. I want to text him (and let’s be honest I will as playing games of “I’ll wait till he texts me” aren’t my style) and ask him what his plans are. Then if he a) doesn’t get back to me for hours on end or b) indicates his plans don’t include me I can skip to my PLAN B for the weekend….A friends birthday lunch, shopping at IKEA and maybe even baby cuddles! Boom! What’s everyone else doing for the weekend….