Technically speaking winter is already here in Australia but the first month doesn’t really feel like winter… There’s beautiful, clear blue skies & the sun continues to shine. The average temperature has been around 20-24 degrees Celsius … Just wow.
However the past 2 weeks have seen the nights get colder and colder – I’ve brought myself a throw rug for my chair – very nana like but I don’t give a fuck as it keeps me warm!

The other way I know it’s winter is because I have a cold! This cold has been holding on for a while. I thought it had gone but I had a relapse a few weeks ago after Manly Matt stayed over. Who knew kissing could cause such drama.

Due to my cold and serious snuffling my flight to Sydney was horrible. The pressure was unbearable even after taking a decongestant. Add to that some serious winds & I was feeling a lot like a frog in a blender getting onto the Tarmac.