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July 2014

This I’ve learnt #onlinedating #tips #perils

online datingHeya blogmates….First up I need to thank those of you who commented with such kind and wise words following my last blog about the ending of my time with Manly Matt (just in case you missed the misery click here). I still haven’t heard from him and I know I won’t hear from him (doesn’t stop me hoping he’ll charge through with a white horse and tell me he’s wrong and he loves me…Yep, the denial is strong with this one). No in all honesty I’m doing ok and time heals all wounds etc etc…

Any-the-who onto to other things. I read a post by the awesome Rosie Waterland (you can read it here) about her first real “date” and experience with online dating. I did a serious groan and eye-roll; not at the lovely Ms Waterland, but at the douche-bag (AKA nipple man) who she went on a date with. So I got to thinking….As I have been doing some online dating; and I know I’ll get back to it eventually – when my heart heals, but for now I’m taking time for me, what have I learnt that I could pass on – kind of like a ‘Online Dating course 101’. Here goes:

  • Beware the man with the limited profile – if he’s too lazy to complete a decent profile then you can bet he’s too lazy to commit to you.
  • Watch out for the “Wife me Up” men….On date 1 they want to know if you a) wanna get married b) have kids c) what your stance on breast feeding is (not shitting you – I really was asked this once, in relation to kids, not men) and d) added you on facebook. At the end of date 1 they’re already 1) calling you their girlfriend and have changed their relationship status on facebook 2) angling to meet your parents 3) offered to let you “cuddle all night” (my personal pet hate – am I a fucking care bear??) as they just can’t let you go….
  •  Don’t fall for the movies at home trick! I considered myself an intermediate level online dater but even I fell for this one…Date 1 was a drink at a ocean viewed bar. Date 2 was movies at his place which ended up on his bed and progressed to sex…. There was no date 3.

lazy loverFor the record movie-man (AKA delectable Trav) seemed pretty serious about meeting someone in date 1 and I honestly thought we’d go out to the movies for date 2. FYI he had a very nice penis which was a damned shame as he was a particularly lazy lover.

Call of the night was, “You’ll have to do all the work, I have a bad knee…”

Followed by, “Condom or pill?”…. I chose the safe sex option.



  • Don’t get too drunk! Drunk B makes poor decisions; everything seems like a grand idea when drunk. Limit yourself to only a few glasses (not bottles) and keep yourself nice.
  • Always carry your own protection – just in case you get drunk or he’s Mr Big and you knew you were gonna sleep with him. It terrifies me how many men (and women) expect/accept unprotected sex….There were over 82,000 new cases of Chlamydia reported in Australia at the end of 2012…. Be safe. STI’s happen pepole!
  • Say no to the shirtless selfie! So you work out and you want to show the ladies out there how hot your bod is…..Ugh!
  • Prepare to be surprised when your date actually looks like their online profile! So many people love to post photos of their ‘skinny’ selves onto their dating profile. I’m in sales and marketing and the number 1 golden rule is: don’t over promise and under deliver! Also don’t post shots of you standing far away from the camera or too close to the camera. Honesty is the best policy.
  • If he doesn’t pay for your $12 burrito then he’s not the man for you!
  • Be honest about what you want but don’t show him your pintrest wedding board…If your date asks you what you’re looking for tell him (or her) …I recommend you keep it to a minimum of 2-3 sentences, e.g. “I’m looking to meet someone who I can build and share a life with (maybe too full on – or too airy)” , “I’m looking to meet someone in this city who isn’t afraid of a building a real connection”, or “Ultimately I want to meet someone I can have a relationship with”.

be strong

Good luck + happy dating!



This is Manly Matt signing out #dating #breakup #done

I am worth more Remember how a while ago I mentioned that things weren’t 100% kosher with Manly Matt and I? Well this last weekend I had an epiphany and I took the limited courage I have to send him the following text message (I know not my finest work but baby steps)… 

ME to MM: Hey, I’ve been meaning to ask you this for a while (and never seem to get the guts too) but do you like spending time with me? It just seems lately we haven’t had much time to actually go on dates….This kind of makes me feel less like we’re dating and more like we’re fuck buddies??? 

MM to ME: ……..*silence*….. 

That was 24 hours ago and still only silence from him. I’m guessing that my instinct, that sent me into the ladies in tears most of Saturday night (tears were helped by the scotch I’d been drinking), was bang on about him and his feelings! It hit me a while ago that Manly Matt and I hadn’t been spending much quality time with each other (like in months)….We both have limited time and I 100% appreciate that but I was ok as the time we did have together felt quality. Up until a couple of weeks ago when I realised we hadn’t had ‘date night’ in months and that it seemed (to me) like I was always texting/contacting him. He was more than happy to engage with me when I did instigate conversation but if left to his own devices the contact was minimal. Then there was the other thing – the thing I thought I’d sorted months ago….He wouldn’t acknowledge me as his girlfriend. He told people he didn’t believe in labels and I decided it was just fine. But one weekend I realised it wasn’t ok, I realised that there were flaws in this relationship with him….I began to want more. I wanted the intimacy of being in a couple, I wanted him to want to spend time with me, to want to get to know about me more….

I can’t seem to articulate exactly what happened Saturday night but I know it hurt me a lot. I know I felt like I wanted to go home, I drank too much to forget, I felt ignored and like an outsider, I know it upset me when he asked if I was coming to Cabarita after football or would l rather go home – something I have never done (as he would rather spend time with his friends than I)…..But I forgot all about that once we got home and joked around getting food before going to bed and having some really hot sex. I remembered it all over again the next morning when we were like awkward one night stands seeing each other for the first time without beer goggles. It hit me finally yesterday afternoon as I thought on a conversation I’d had with one of the girls on Saturday who had asked what he was getting me for my birthday….I’ll be 33 on Sunday 3rd August. I told her I didn’t know – he hasn’t even gotten back to me about coming out for dinner with friends/family so I’m pretty sure a gift isn’t going to happen. I don’t want a gift from someone who feels obligated to buy me one. 

I felt so stupid yesterday when I thought about his actions (they speak so much louder than words) …. 

  • No date night for months
  • Never planning in advance – always last minute 
  • No confirming his attendance at a birthday dinner for me
  • He doesn’t treat me like a partner/dating/relationship….He doesn’t touch me (other than in bed), he’s selfish and never offers to get me a drink or a meal or surprises me with the movies (despite the fact that I will always check with him, I ALWAYS buy dinner when I’m in Cabarita, and the last time we went to the movies I paid)
  • Refusing to acknowledge me as his girlfriend/partner 
  • Lack of quality time together and not prioritising me – I asked him Thursday if we could catch up Friday as I knew he wasn’t at work. He said he’d let me know and then I followed up and he told me the ‘boys’ had dragged him down to the club

I’ve let myself become a convenience – someone who when I fit into his life he’s happy for it work. So I’m very hurt and sad. As one of gorgeous girlfriends said to me last night, “All you’ve given him is love and everything of you….Just because you want him to love you in return and he hasn’t…..” 

PS. Apologies for rambling…I’m in denial about the whole situation (which is so not healthy) but am trying to get through each day and I know I’ll meet the right man for me with a good heart….I wanted this one though x 

Early presents


Just in case you wanna know it’s my birthday on the 3 August & I’ll be 33. To celebrate I brought myself the above…. New shoes & more importantly a new iPad Air. That is all.

Have a wonderful day xox

This is why I blog

darling more money love what you do 

So today my total blog crush, the fabulously talented Nikki from style guru site Styling You, did a quick 10 minute questionnaire with a book retailer (you can see it here) and two of her answers totally resonated with me: 

  • If your work could change one thing in this world – what would it be? If just one woman feels more confident returning to the workforce, leaving to become a mum, going on a first date after a broken relationship or just in the every day by reading Unlock Your Style, then my job is done. The ripple effect of that confidence will spill over into her family and community life.
  • What advice do you give aspiring writers? Start a blog. Don’t wait for someone to publish you. Publish yourself. The very act of writing on daily basis will improve the way you write and by building a community around your blog you’ll be more attractive to a potential publisher.

blog inspo styling you
The Styling You website/blog – super fancy

I blog because sometimes I need to empty my silly head of all it’s thoughts (which will allow me to sleep better at night), I also blog because I like to share my observations with the world (come on I’m a Gen Y and I’m a Leo – it’s all about me and I CAN have it all), but the truth is I blog because if I’ve improved someone’s day from laughing at my uncanny ability to smack myself with the crossfit barbell or even made you feel better about yourself as you realise your life is pretty good (after all you probably haven’t smacked yourself with a barbell) then my work here is done….I’ll be here all week; in fact I’ll probably be here all year and next year too. 

For the record I don’t want to be a writer – but I love to read and ever since a little girl I was good at writing/english/literature. I have a very active imagination! I love the idea that I get to write something on this blog and so far no one has called me crap (you would say that if you saw some of the awful drafts I have ha ha). I also had a journal as a young woman at 18-21 and when I read back on it I smile/shake my head in disbelief/laugh/cringe at the entries…I would keep a journal now but truth be told I’m lazy and I don’t like to handwrite (did I mention I have rheumatoid arthritis?). Plus the Leo exhibitionist in me (hello everyone – look at me, look at me) has always been an oversharer and you my lucky blogmates get to read all about it! 

book unlock your style
The book – available in a week! From all good retailers …I’m sure any Stateside bloggers could grab a copy and have it shipped.

Now the lovely Nikki (I haven’t personally met her but as I follow her on Instagram, facebook and twitter I feel we’re BFFs) has released her first book. I say bravo and yes I’ll be grabbing a copy to read. I don’t have any intention of writing a book but I’ll be brutally honest in saying that if  there was some way my blog and some other little side projects all came together to allow me to work from home I would LOVE that! Being a sales and marketing brat I recognise in order for this to become my reality I need to find a niche/focus to steer my blog into to. As I am yet to do this (and it may never happen) I’m very content to keep writing, keep reading your posts (which will become even more easier next week when my NEW iPad Air arrives), and keep sharing my life until you all get sick of me. 

WOD July 24 . 2014 #crossfit #keepgoingbackformore

WOD 24 JUL 14 Back into the box today for me….It’s been a week since my last visit and before that it was a month! With work trips and then a chest infection I couldn’t seem to get a break! Plus I’ve been struggling with motivation to get to the actual box. So today I gave myself a pep talk and made myself get out of bed. You know what? I feel great for it. Of course it isn’t that simple to tell myself I’m going to go again tomorrow but I will! 

Today’s WOD was hard and it demonstrated 100% clearly how unfit I have become. I was the largest woman there, I was last in on the run and the last one to complete the warm up (which was hard). I also had the longest time for the morning at 24.41 minutes and I didn’t complete the full 30 double unders as my coach told me to aim for 15, I did however learn I can do 3 double unders in a row. Plus I didn’t do Grace at Rx…I only managed 15kg. But despite all of this I felt like I had achieved something. Another positive was this is the first time in over 6 MONTHS I have been able to complete walking lunges…Looks like my foot is healing.

I know I’ll never be the fastest or the fittest, I know it’s gonna take a long time to get back to where I was, I know I have to start running on the weekend to get back into running shape….Knowing is one thing, doing is another. I’ll keep you posted on my journey. 

Travel Tips 101 #rookie #travel

Adventure awaits

So my lovely friend Natalie is off on her first ever big overseas trip! She’s 21 and she’ll be headed over to the mighty U.S.A to complete a Top Deck tour and also catch some family in Florida (I’m well jealous as she gets to go to Disney World). So I thought I’d share some of the tips I’ve learnt over the years when travelling:

  •  Lay out all of the clothes you’re planning on taking and then remove half! An oldie but a goodie. You don’t want to have an over-full bag before you even leave. Also don’t give in to temptation to pack ridiculous shoes with heels because you love them…Trust me you’ll never wear them. I had to send a delicious pair of leather open toed ankle boots back from Amsterdam the last Europe trip because I didn’t wear them and I needed the luggage space. Thankfully I didn’t spend too much on post (approx $55 AUD) and they arrived home before I did. PS. You only need 1 black top, not 3.
  •  Invest in a proper case/trolley/backpack/bag for your travels. Fact: luggage handlers do not treat your bag like a 4 week old baby; they’re busy and have a job to do FAST, instead they treat your bag like it’s indestructible. The last thing you want is a broken bag when you first arrive. Yes your travel insurance will cover it but you’ll be left to get a new bag – is that really what you wanna do on your first day of your holiday? I grabbed the most amazing hybrid trolley around 3.5 years ago and it’s never failed me! Mine is grey with red piping but it looks just like this:
Obviously my bag isn’t exactly like this. The colour is wrong but the shape is right. Plus if you buy at sale time (May – Aug) you can pick one of these up half price!!

PS. Don’t get black if you can….Everyone has black and trying to spot your bag on the carousel is really hard. Plus it’d be totes awkward if someone else grabbed your bag by mistake and spotted your “toys” you’d brought along (side note: if you, like me, travel with your battery operated friends take the batteries out before you fly. Airlines hate batteries – supposedly they do weird things in the air pressure. Plus it’ll save you the embarrassment of collecting your bag from security as it is making a “funny” sound).

  • Don’t forget you’re 100 points ID check! I know you think all you need is your passport but just in case you loose that bad boy (true story happened to my sister when we were in Europe and she’s the responsible one) you should have a back-up.
  • Leave your passport in the hotel safe! You don’t need to carry it around with you (unless you’re travelling some Eastern European place) as you’re license or other form of photo ID will be just fine. You may need it the first time you hit a nightspot but I’d try the ID first – I used my AU drivers license all over the states for ID, it saved my passport getting lost, stolen, or simply forgotten after 1 too many drinks.
  • Money belts are for losers! Sorry guys but those money belts are awful and unless you’re travelling somewhere where you need all of your important documentation on you at all times (i.e. Eastern Europe, Iraq, Iran, parts of Africa etc) you don’t need a money belt. I’ve always found a small day pack or even a crossbody bag is excellent for what you need. I travelled all over Europe with 2 crossbody bags – after the first one died in Austria I used the second one for the rest of the trip.
  • Embrace the front pack look – this is especially important anywhere there are large groups of people. What good is your pack to you on your back? You can’t see it and jostling your way through a crowd you most likely won’t feel someone helping themselves to your goodies. My pack spent a lot of time on my front (like a baby carrier) especially in Rome – the pick-pocketers there could win a medal they are that good. FYI you know if the old Nonna’s are clutching their bags to their chest there is an issue with stealing, after all who would steal from a Nonna?
Burleigh Sunday
This pic – taken by my iPhone a couple of Sunday’s ago. Unless you’re a closet papparazzi (or a professional photographer) you don’t need a fancy zoom lense on your camera.

Fancy cameras are great but your iPhone is also excellent! One of my friends is a top instagrammer who has travelled to different areas of the world to shot for tourism groups and he uses his iPhone 90% of the time (along with some fancy apps). For more info on the apps and to see his awesome work check out He’s seriously talented! Also probably a good idea to download the Dropbox app so you can upload pics daily (when you have free WiFi) and delete off your device (once you’ve uploaded them somewhere safe) to save on storage – details here.

  • WiFi is your friend! When you travel overseas it’s very easy to rack up a HUGE phonebill using your data allowance on your phone to upload pics of your travels. Trust me…I used my iPhone sparingly when I was last in Europe turning my international roaming on and off to upload pics…I still managed to get a $800+ phonebill. Plus to my utter disgust my phone company only told me about it when I reached $700 and requested full payment otherwise they would disconnect…Therefore I spent more money calling them and sorting this out. So wherever there’s free WiFi or it’s a minimal cost go hard with the social media and avoid those fees. FYI turn off your international roaming in your settings when you leave AU and don’t turn them on again until you get home….Facebook messenger is free to keep in contact.

i love to travelDon’t promise anyone anything to bring home with you! Unless they are your loved ones. I grabbed a few gifts for very close friends the last time I was in Europe but no one has time to be souvenir hunting when you’re travelling. Also if you see something you like buy it then! Chances are you won’t see it again and you’ll wish you had of grabbed it then. This happened to me the first time I visited Paris –  I was on the Champs Elysée and I talked myself out of a pair of divine Dior sunglasses that would’ve been approximately $170AUD …Half the price they are back home. Plus consider whatever you buy as a memory keeper of your amazing trip.

  • When travelling in a group CASH is King. Leave your credit card/cash passport/international currency card for important stuff like Dior sunglasses. Instead take out a wad of cash (I used to budget approx $200AUD per city – after accommodation and tours of course) and when it runs out get more. It will save you from the fees cards charge you to access funds overseas. Plus it’ll keep your travel buddies honest when it comes to splitting the bill.
  • Call your bank and tell them you’re going overseas! The last thing you want is to have your credit card declined because your bank thinks it’s stolen as you’re using it in a bunch of different countries. Common sense right? Remember, sense isn’t that common.

travel nowLayers are your friend! You don’t have to dress like an upscale sherpa from Kathmandu but you should have layers available – t shirt, long sleeved fleece or jumper, jacket, scarf etc…Sometimes it starts out cold and then gets warmer so layers are your friend. If you’re like me who has never met a dress I didn’t like make sure to take anything you can curl up into a little ball and doesn’t need ironing is great.

That’s about it from me! What other travel tips do you have? Did I miss something??

Silver Lining Stuff #random #positive

that is all

The silver lining in this pic – I’m grateful this man works out!

I was set a challenge by my mama bear via facebook to list 3 positive things….


This morning on the beach with Coco. She loves the beach and I love seeing her run about. The ocean was beautiful this morning and I took A LOT of photos. Brilliant start to the day.

2. Spending the weekend with good friends out in the country. Maybe it was all that fresh air but I returned to the coast with a new sense of clarity and purpose.

3.  family sydney family

I am truly blessed to have my family and friends. They may drive me crazy and I may occasionally hang up on them when I don’t like what I’m hearing but we start and end with them.

Single Behaviour

single solutions

Heya blogmates …. look who’s baacckkk!! Now the crisis at work is over I can relax a little today and spend some time catching up on the blog. I just read this very funny piece by the delightful Rosie about single behaviours…What you do when you’re single, or even just home alone without your spouse around. The results are hilarious, and it got me to thinking about the behaviours I have as I don’t live with Manly Matt – it’s just Coco and my flatmate:

  • I drink straight from the bottle of sparkling water, milk, and juice.
  • I dance and sing in front of my mirror – mostly naked.
  • I sing out loud sitting on my lounge. Normally show tunes.
  • I watch Disney flicks. I love frozen; and yes I do sing along with the movie.
  • I eat potato crisps like they’re going out of fashion.
  • I’m known (when I have the house 100% to myself) to wander through to the kitchen to get myself a snack naked.
  • I have named my sex toys Clive, Magic Mike and the bullet gang (yep I said ‘toys’ as in plural).
  • I have a ‘secret weddings hopes and dreams’ board on Pintrest.
  • I love any singing reality TV show – the voice, XFactor, (insert country name here) Got Talent, etc.
  • I love to watch Better Homes and Gardens whilst eating junk food and drinking wine ….All the while coveting the amazing food they make on it.
  • I brought an extra long lead for my iPhone charger just so I can charge my phone and watch porn, read dirty stories, do online shopping, etc (I have unlimited WiFi) all in bed without having to stretch my arms for the phone whilst it’s charging.
  • I got unlimited WiFi so no one could stop me from watching all the free porn, downloading erotica onto my kindle app, or any of those people acting as cats/dogs videos on Youtube.
  • I practice award acceptance speeches and actually get choked up by them.
  • I let Coco lick my plate or bowl after I’ve eaten (relax people I own a dishwasher which blasts the doggy germs with super hot water and a cleaning tablet).
  • As soon as I get home (provided I don’t have to go anywhere) I change into my Pjs.
  • I drink wine and then eat twisties for dinner followed by a chocolate bar for dessert!

What about you? Any behaviours you have when it’s just you at home??



Wear Yellow, Remember Allison

kindess is the new black dark times

Yesterday a man was found guilty of killing his wife Allison Baden-Clay. The prosecution said he smothered her in her sleep and then dumped her body in a creek bed. Allison went missing on the 19 April 2012, her body was found on the 30 April 2012, her husband was charged on the 13 June 2012 with murder and he was remanded in custody….On June 10 2014 the murder trial began, and finally on July 15 2014 Allison’s husband was found guilty of murder. All through this 3 little girls have been without their mother and their father. 3 little girls who are now almost orphans as their father has been sentenced to life in prison with a non-parole period of 15 yrs (the exact amount of time he was married to their mother for). There are no winners in this case – there are 4 losers though…A devoted mother and her 3 precious little girls. Allison’s daughters will be raised by those who loved her most – her parents and siblings. 

The enormously talented Rebecca Sparrow sums up how we’re all feeling about this trial and it’s guilty verdict on her blog here

On the 1st August, 2014 Allison’s family and friends are urging everyone to wear yellow in her memory (it was her favourite colour) and to practice an act of kindness to someone else. Allison was known for her generous nature and kind soul. You can find out more about this event here. If you’re based in Australia (or are clever enough to transfer funds internationally) and you want to donate to her little girls you can do so here: 

Late Allison Baden-Clay Children’s Trust 
c/- National Australia Bank 
BSB: 084-737 Account 94-308-4078.

I’ll be wearing yellow on August 1st…Will you?  



You’ve got mail

Big Deal on blog

I was feeling pretty excited this morning….Coco was off to doggy day care (trust me it’s a thing) and I had a parcel to pick up from the post office. I was a little chuffed at myself – look at me all online shopping and about to pick up a parcel filled with beautiful things for me that I love! So I head down to the local post office to pick up my large parcel (hopefully not the last time I hear that phrase) and I realise it’s a small box approx 30cm square….Nothing that exciting is going to be in this box, I just knew it. My thoughts were confirmed when the sticker said Miele….Not quite the LoveHoney, Witchery, Ezibuy or Seed Heritage I was hoping for. My exotic parcel? Brand new vaccuum bags for my fancy pants Miele Dog n Cat vacuum cleaner….Not really exciting at all. At least the carpet will be happy to see them. 



Oh happy day

A few more things to be happy about….

1. winner winner chicken dinner

I’ve been working on a seriously annoying problem at my ‘real’ job involving some hotel room rates not behaving as they should on a certain website. I’ve simplified it a lot but this issue was driving me NUTS for like 7 weeks ….Everytime I called the support team for this website I spoke to a different person and got a different story. Finally I started screenshoting their F-ups and send them some firm (but friendly) emails where I was very good and didn’t use the F word once! I seriously was beginning to feel like every time I called it was similiar to the scene in the movie ‘The Iterns’ where Vince Vaughn and Owen Wilson go through a ‘checklist’ to help someone….I needed more than the f-king checklist!! Finally this evening I spoke to a God amongst computer support men everywhere who helped me sort this issue and now the rates are doing as they should!! Hooray!

2. Retail therapy…shopping makes me happy tee

I’ve been indulging this week. Well I’m telling myself that the shopping fairy has been sneaking into my purse at night and spending my money…But truth been told because I’m in a funk about a few things I shop to make me happy. Now I have a whole bunch of beautiful (and functional) things headed my way….Plus it’s my birthday early next month and I’m just getting in early to spoil myself ha ha!

3. This…. chicken BS

Seriously makes me laugh everytime….

Have a fabulous day/night xoxo

Stay Positive


I want so much


Hey blogmates – I’m sorry it’s been well over a week since I’ve posted! Turns out I’ve been busy with my “real” day job (the one that pays me money) and as I normally get the writing muse visit me at work I’ve not been able to stop and post! 

My other reason for staying quiet is an example of my inability to time manage (I always believe tomorrow is a new day and therefore am the queen of procrastination) with searching for new flatmates and having friends visit it’s been a very busy week.

I’m also working through some stuff in my head about Manly Matt and I. I’m not ready to share yet – I need to speak to him first before I can release it to you all. I hope you understand – I’ve just been reminded a lot why open and honest conversations (as terrifying as they are) are vitally important for all relationships. So once I’ve had this conversation I’ll share, I pinky promise. 

But until then in an effort to keep positive I’m going to list 3 things that made me happy today: 

1.This Dog….  Coco Pop JULY 14 

Coco Pop has been such a little sweet heart of late and when there were tears on Sunday (for the record I suspect I was crying for many reasons and not just because of Manly Matt) she let me cuddle her and licked my hand (which is kinda gross but also comforting). 

2. This Sunrise….. Sunrise JULY 14


This morning I was determined to have my first day back at the Crossfit box in over 3 weeks. .I got up, got dressed (without the assistance of 1 excited Coco Pop who thought she was coming with me), managed to chuck the slow cooker on, and had prepared the weapons of distraction for Coco: Kong filled with treats and topped with peanut butter, chicken necks and blackhawk in her bowl, doggy biscuit bones tossed in random places outside….Only to jump into the car and realise I’d left it too late to get to my class!! On my way back to my home (just around the block really) I was feeling down but then I noticed the sky and I thought ….Silver lining. I took this pic on my way with Coco this morning and I promise to be more organised on Thursday and finally get to gym! #fitnessfail 

3. This mantra…. rough day

I love this and have it pinned to a wall in my kitchen. It reminds me that sometimes we just need to remember we’re alive and how much of a gift this is! I’m also seriously considering getting it tattooed on me…I’ve been thinking about new ink for a while. I had been putting stuff off because I wanted my body to be an amazing canvas…I’ve since realised my body is already kind of an amazing canvas!

BONUS positivity message: This article by Robin Korth reminded me that despite the fact that there are parts of my body I love (and dislike) it’s my body and the only one I have so time to treat all of it with love! My body at 33 compared to her’s at 59 sounds nowhere near as taunt and terrific (I’m no size 6) but it’s mine and it’s pretty damn good nonetheless! 


Day 4 & 5 Positivity Challenge


1. I moved 2 beds and set up 2 bedrooms by myself. Plus with R’s help I put together Cocos new dog bed & we salvaged a bottle of wine who’s cork didn’t want to come out #girlscandoanything
2. Friday night wine time – hello Shiraz!
3. Chick flicks & giggles with the girls – day 4 bliss!
4. An over-indulgence in some good wine shared with 2 beautiful souls meant a fuzzy head this morning… But completely worth it when I remember our conversations from last night.
5. Seeing so many friends run at the Gold Coast Marathon and achieve their goals – very inspiring! Driving along the track today brought back happy memories … I look forward to running the course next year!
6. Watching manly Matt play football in the sunshine, eating chocolate, laughing with the other wags… Simple joy at it’s best!

Dreaming Big

I have a big A3 poster in my bedroom and also on my bathroom wall reminding me of my goals for 2014 and also the ‘Bigger Picture’ stuff for years to come.

It takes courage to grow up and become who you really are – E. e Cummings

I’ve always been a dreamer; I could spend hours day dreaming what I want my life to look like, where I want to live, my dream wedding, children I’ll have, what I’d do if I won a million dollars (pay of debts, help my parents pay of debts, go on a holiday, buy property, and put something away for a rainy day), where I want to travel to next…You get the picture. Dreams are one thing but to make them into reality you have to have goals and plans! My poster helps me with this.

One of my biggest dreams is to buy my own home. Somewhere Coco and I can rest our heads. Somewhere I can paint the walls, rip up the carpet, change the garden or even put in a shelf and no one can tell me no…Unlike rentals where in Australia you can’t do anything permanent and your lease may not be renewed. I don’t include Manly Matt in this dream; not because I don’t want him to be (I do), but because this is something I have to strive to achieve on my own. It would be fantastic to share a home with someone I love and yes ultimately I want to get married and have a child but just in case this doesn’t happen I have to make my own way.

I have a good idea of what I want for my first home:

  • Townhouse with 2-3 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms;
  • Off street parking for at least 1 vehicle;
  • a backyard/ outdoor living area (for Coco Pop);
  • Tiles or wood floors in the main living areas (I hate carpet in the living areas);
  • Something that might need a little love but nothing too major renovation wise (I’m not equipped to pull down walls but I think I could handle a paintbrush and replace a door or 2);
  • Storage (this needs to be underlined about 5 times);
  • Pet friendly and fenced (I’m negotiable on the fencing – but where I go Coco goes);
  • Within 45-60 minutes drive from work;

Overall pretty sensible hey? Not quite the playboy mansion is it? Looks like I’ve got this growing up stuff nailed…It’s only taken 33 years ha ha.

I’ve found a bunch of options on the real estate guru and all are under $350,000. Why $350k you ask? Because according to a bunch of helpful mortgage repayment calculators that’s what I (and a flatmate or 2) can afford to pay back…


Seeing this today made me realise that my dream of owning my own home is very achievable. One of the biggest concerns with home loans is people over-borrowing and then not having enough money left over at the end of the day to have a life with as well as a mortgage. These repayments will allow me (with the help from a flatmate or significant other assisting by paying rent/mortgage) to have a life. I’m pretty sure I’ll never be returning to the days of spending silly and buying everything that caught my fancy but now I’m older (and some might even say wiser) I realise that there just things and sometimes waiting/saving to buy something makes it so much more satisfying.

how much can I borrow

Thankfully the powers that be see it this way too as after using even more online calculators I can see that I can borrow anything from $223,000 – $375,000, talk about a broad spectrum. Obviously these calculators are a guide only and don’t take into account deposit saved. For the record I don’t have a deposit saved (YET)…That’s why this is a BIG DREAM. I’m giving myself 3 years to save like a mad woman for a deposit. Hopefully during that time I may also be able to manage a pay increase and also grow my little side project (I make little prints of quotes/birth announcements you can hang in your home so it may be able to be counted as some sort of income to keep the home loan givers even happier.

What’s your big dreams? Do you use a dream board, pinterest, poster or just keep it in your head?




Day 2 Positivity Challenge

Day 2 of the positivity challenge.
1. I’m buying chocolate tonight ….That alone makes me smile. I promise it will be consumed with a BIG smile on my face….I can’t promise moderation; I don’t like to lie.
2. Today’s laugh was brought to me by my mate Andrew who for some reason believes I will now give up driving as another mate has finally gained his open license…The roads will never be the same again Luke ha ha ha.
FYI Andrew, Luke and I all went to uni together and therefore these men are 2 of my oldest friends. Better yet is that none of us have slept together…Why ruin a perfectly good friendship with sex? Anythewho Luke didn’t have his license for years; in fact it was his ex wife who taught him to drive (they have 2 boys together – very important that both parents drive). It’s a well known fact he used to be a bad driver ….I drove out with them earlier this year and thought he was fine; but then again Andrew suggests I should stop driving as I’m crazy too!
3. A message from Manly Matt checking how my day was, more than a few neurotic messages from R about her dating life plus a sweet one to see how I’m going with my now chest infection (yes the winter cold upgraded – damn)…All made me smile today. It’s the simple things I tell you 🙂

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