A friend on facebook has set me a challenge….A positivity challenge to list three positive statements 5 days in a row and nominate 3 friends a day to play with you along the way….

So this is DAY 1:

  1. Last night I saw the mama and the papa bear! My parents stopped in over night on their way home to Hervey Bay. It was lovely to spend time with them – I love my family and with them living 4.5 hours drive away from Coco and I it makes it difficult to see them as often as I like.
  2. A girlie visit is in order with the Divine Goddess R coming to visit from Melbourne this weekend. A double bonus is the long weekend I have scheduled as I won’t be working Friday.
  3. I’m 100% positive that the following make me smile, giggle, snort (it happens). laugh out loud and clap my hands with glee…Sometimes you just need a good laugh:

unicorn wine time camping Dr wine Esma meow Otter down Panda

PS. Seriously if I’m having a bad day all I have to do is look at the Panda falling off the slide and I’m happy….It’s not that I don’t like Pandas, I do, but seriously the Panda fell off the slide….