Day 2 Positivity Challenge

Day 2 of the positivity challenge.
1. I’m buying chocolate tonight ….That alone makes me smile. I promise it will be consumed with a BIG smile on my face….I can’t promise moderation; I don’t like to lie.
2. Today’s laugh was brought to me by my mate Andrew who for some reason believes I will now give up driving as another mate has finally gained his open license…The roads will never be the same again Luke ha ha ha.
FYI Andrew, Luke and I all went to uni together and therefore these men are 2 of my oldest friends. Better yet is that none of us have slept together…Why ruin a perfectly good friendship with sex? Anythewho Luke didn’t have his license for years; in fact it was his ex wife who taught him to drive (they have 2 boys together – very important that both parents drive). It’s a well known fact he used to be a bad driver ….I drove out with them earlier this year and thought he was fine; but then again Andrew suggests I should stop driving as I’m crazy too!
3. A message from Manly Matt checking how my day was, more than a few neurotic messages from R about her dating life plus a sweet one to see how I’m going with my now chest infection (yes the winter cold upgraded – damn)…All made me smile today. It’s the simple things I tell you 🙂