1. I moved 2 beds and set up 2 bedrooms by myself. Plus with R’s help I put together Cocos new dog bed & we salvaged a bottle of wine who’s cork didn’t want to come out #girlscandoanything
2. Friday night wine time – hello Shiraz!
3. Chick flicks & giggles with the girls – day 4 bliss!
4. An over-indulgence in some good wine shared with 2 beautiful souls meant a fuzzy head this morning… But completely worth it when I remember our conversations from last night.
5. Seeing so many friends run at the Gold Coast Marathon and achieve their goals – very inspiring! Driving along the track today brought back happy memories … I look forward to running the course next year!
6. Watching manly Matt play football in the sunshine, eating chocolate, laughing with the other wags… Simple joy at it’s best!