Oh happy day

A few more things to be happy about….

1. winner winner chicken dinner

I’ve been working on a seriously annoying problem at my ‘real’ job involving some hotel room rates not behaving as they should on a certain website. I’ve simplified it a lot but this issue was driving me NUTS for like 7 weeks ….Everytime I called the support team for this website I spoke to a different person and got a different story. Finally I started screenshoting their F-ups and send them some firm (but friendly) emails where I was very good and didn’t use the F word once! I seriously was beginning to feel like every time I called it was similiar to the scene in the movie ‘The Iterns’ where Vince Vaughn and Owen Wilson go through a ‘checklist’ to help someone….I needed more than the f-king checklist!! Finally this evening I spoke to a God amongst computer support men everywhere who helped me sort this issue and now the rates are doing as they should!! Hooray!

2. Retail therapy…shopping makes me happy tee

I’ve been indulging this week. Well I’m telling myself that the shopping fairy has been sneaking into my purse at night and spending my money…But truth been told because I’m in a funk about a few things I shop to make me happy. Now I have a whole bunch of beautiful (and functional) things headed my way….Plus it’s my birthday early next month and I’m just getting in early to spoil myself ha ha!

3. This…. chicken BS

Seriously makes me laugh everytime….

Have a fabulous day/night xoxo